Washington, DC — Immigration and border issues have been front and center in the news recently, especially an array of developments and events in Texas yesterday. Below find our take on three key developments – our read on the importance of the preliminary injunction against Texas’s SB4 and its... Continue »
Support for Annunciation House has grown from around the nation following the State of Texas’s abhorrent attack on the faith-based migrant-aid organization. Last week, corrupt Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton baselessly accused Annunciation House of facilitating human smuggling and has since sued to revoke its registration. That move could... Continue »
Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has launched an unending array of stunts designed to politicize the border, not solve problems. For that, he’s faced withering – and valid criticism. But, some of the latest blistering criticism comes from an unlikely source: Texas National Guard troops deployed to the border... Continue »
Eagle Pass border community residents have a message for GOP Governor Greg Abbott: give us back our beloved park. As part of his unprecedented challenge to federal immigration supremacy, Governor Abbott has seized control of Shelby Park, transforming a community space that once hosted quinceañeras, barbeques, and flea markets... Continue »
Washington, DC — Texas Governor Greg Abbott is inviting a dangerous mob that amounts to a threat to public safety as he maneuvers Texas into a standoff with the federal government over who has access to our international border and who should enforce our laws there. Texas leaders and... Continue »
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But Governor Greg Abbott’s Effort Still Couldn’t Stop Communities From Coming Together To Help For nearly two years now, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has been callously using migrants as human pawns, busing thousands of men, women, and children seeking safety to regions governed by Democratic leadership. Texas has... Continue »
America’s Voice · La Semana En Inmigración – 1.26.24   • Republicanos torpedean el acuerdo migratorio que se negocia en el Senado para no quitarle a Donald Trump su tema predilecto durante la campaña presidencial: la inmigración y la frontera  • La Corte Suprema le autoriza al gobierno federal... Continue »
As Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s dangerous dehumanization of migrants hits dangerous new lows, CNN reports that “some members belonging to a group known for using demonizing rhetoric and intersecting with extremists” have been discussing gathering in the region. “Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber is monitoring the potential arrival this... Continue »
America’s Voice · La Semana En Inmigración – 1.19.24   • Muerte de madre y sus dos hijos en el Río Grande recrudece la disputa entre el gobernador republicano de Texas, Greg Abbott , y la administración Biden por el manejo de la frontera • Donald Trump gana el... Continue »
Just days after Texas Governor Greg Abbott publicly lamented that the state couldn’t shoot and kill migrants on sight at the southern border, a woman and two children tragically drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande into the state. They lost their lives just off an area of... Continue »