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ICYMI: Reps. Roybal-Allard, Napolitano, and Jayapal: ‘Harsh Immigration Policies, Deportations Harm Children’

On the heels of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, Representatives Roybal-Allard (D-CA), Napolitano (D-CA), and Jayapal (D-WA) have a new, joint op-ed for The Hill on the psychological trauma generated by Trump’s immigration orders and similar state-based policies, including the Texas “show-me-your-papers” SB4 law. “Harsh U.S. immigration policies are causing mental, social harm to American children” … Continue reading »

Major City Mayors Are Prepared To Defy Donald Trump And Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Some of America’s biggest and most populous cities are vowing to remain areas of refuge for undocumented immigrants following the election of Donald Trump. “On top of providing a safe haven for immigrant communities,” writes Yara Simón in Remezcla, “sanctuary cities encourage undocumented people to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation of crimes without fear … Continue reading »

Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley To Break Bread With Immigrant Family Today. Will Other Candidates Follow?

Today, a DAPA family is set to break bread with Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley in a first-ever “DAPA Dinner,” with advocates hoping today’s event in Austin, Texas becomes just the first of many dinners with immigrant families and 2016 contenders from both parties. Looking forward to meeting the Ramirez family & sharing a meal w/ … Continue reading »

ICYMI: The “100 Women” Remind Us What Courage And Leadership Look Like On Immigration

In Midst of Ugly Anti-Immigrant Demagoguery by GOP Candidates, Immigrant Women Pilgrimaging to DC Inject Refreshing Dose of Morality into Immigration Debate As the GOP candidates continue to fill the airwaves with xenophobic rhetoric and anti-immigrant demagoguery, a courageous group of immigrant women is showing leadership in ways the Republican Party has not. On their … Continue reading »

Two Must-Read Pieces From The Incredible Women Walking 100 Miles To Greet Pope Francis In D.C.

The 100 women making the 100 mile pilgrimage from Pennsylvania to DC to greet Pope Francis are about a quarter of the way there — they were at mile 26, at last count — and two new pieces from recent days highlight the message of dignity and compassion the walkers want to share with both … Continue reading »

100 Women Begin 100 Mile Walk To DC To Welcome Pope Francis And His Pro-Immigrant Message

100 women and their supporters began a 100 mile walk today to greet Pope Francis in Washington, D.C. as he visits for a historic address to a joint session of Congress next week. Inspired by his call for dignity for immigrants, migrants, and refugees — a key plank of his Papacy — the women are … Continue reading »

Pilgrimage For The Pope, A Salve Against Trump

Please note the following column was translated from Spanish to English and is available for reprint as long as the author is given proper credit. This column is available online in Spanish here. The heretofore unstoppable Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brands anyone who contradicts him as “stupid” and prides himself that the terrible things he … Continue reading »

Cleveland City Council Passes Unanimous Resolution Urging DHS To Reunite Marine With Her Deported Husband

Some very encouraging news for Elizabeth Perez, an Ohio mom and honorably-discharged Marine Corps veteran who has been fighting for the return of her husband Marcos since his deportation in 2010. From WKYC-TV: This week, the Cleveland City Council passed an emergency resolution 15-0, urging the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizen and Immigration … Continue reading »

Senate Judiciary Committee Discusses Immigration Policy From Perspective Of Actual Immigrant Families

It’s a shame that Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) showed up to bully the witnesses of today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the needs of women and families in immigration reform, because, as our own mothers always used to say, the worst thing you can do for a bully is give him … Continue reading »

Republicans Show They Still Don’t Get it on Immigration, Citizenship, Family Visas

Yesterday was a busy day in immigration, one in which some Republicans made clear that they still don’t really get it when it comes to immigration reform. CPAC, the conservative political action conference, actually held a panel with pro-immigration reform advocates yesterday morning, including pollster Whit Ayres and executive director of the American Action Network … Continue reading »

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