In an interview published Monday, December 21, 2020, senior incoming Biden Administration officials Jake Sullivan and Ambassador Susan Rice outlined a new policy approach regarding the flow of refugees and migrants from Central America. As Ambassador Rice characterized it, the Biden administration has “a transformative vision for addressing migration in our region and establishing a… Continue »

In a new analysis posted on Medium, Frank Sharry looks back at the debate over immigration policy and immigration politics and concludes that Trump’s xenophobia and cruelty have backfired.  He argues immigration and the pro-immigrant movement have confronted and survived the existential threat Trump and Stephen Miller posed to the very idea of America as… Continue »

Hurricanes Cost Upwards of $10 billion in Damages The aftermath of hurricanes Eta and Iota continue to cause mounting devastation in Central America, specifically in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Reuters reports that the natural disasters have cost more than $10 billion in damages. Separately, Aon’s monthly Global Catastrophe report, highlighted by the Insurance Journal, says… Continue »

“The Biden Effect?” Puleeze. The issue is the Trump Trauma inflicted on all of us.   Yesterday, White House advisor Stephen Miller appeared on Fox News to attack our democracy. He peddled Trump’s election fraud lies and predicted Trump would be declared the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election.  He was rightly mocked in… Continue »

 After broad multiracial majority rejected Trump’s xenophobia and cruelty, new asylum rule escalates attacks on basic American values   On their way out the door, the Trump administration has finalized a rule that is the “most sweeping attack on asylum that we have seen,” according to Aaron Reichlin-Melnick of the American Immigration Council. The rule,… Continue »

After four years of enduring countless cruelties from Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s campaign against immigrants, the recent news of Biden’s plan to nominate Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of DHS was a welcomed choice by many immigration advocates. An architect of the popular and successful DACA program, the Cuban-born son of a Holocaust survivor, and… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “Pushed by a movement demanding action, supported by a public that hungers for solutions, and backed by a party that stands united on these issues, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have an opportunity to become a proudly pro-immigrant, pro-refugee administration.” Yesterday, President-elect Biden committed to restoring America’s leadership on refugee issues, pledging to… Continue »

Slash refugee resettlement program to shreds   Last night the Trump administration announced the lowest target for refugees to be resettled in America since the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980. In response, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, had this to say: Rescuing and resettling refugees is foundational to the American experiment.… Continue »

As we highlighted yesterday, when Trump and his GOP enablers get scared of losing, they reach for their political comfort food: they appeal to racism, traffic in xenophobia, and recklessly signal to White supremacists that violence in the service of aiding Trump might be necessary. We predict it will backfire politically. As the examples below… Continue »

Dramatic shift in a more liberal direction is a strong rebuke to Trump and Trumpism A deep-dive Pew Poll finds that during the most anti-immigrant administration in our lifetime, Americans have become dramatically more pro-immigrant. While “there continue to be stark differences” in how Americans view immigrants, “voters across the political spectrum have shifted in… Continue »