Two New England states recently welcomed new arrivals under Welcome Corps, the Biden administration’s expanded program allowing groups of Americans to sponsor a refugee.  In Connecticut, a group of sponsors welcomed a family of six that initially fled the Syrian civil war in 2012. At that time, Zyad Al... Continue »
Earth Day 2024 is an important reminder that the global climate crisis and migration are intrinsically intertwined. While people migrate for a variety of reasons, such as family reunification or to seek asylum from life-threatening factors like state persecution and gang violence, climate change and related environmental crises have... Continue »
New data shows that tens of thousands of Americans have signed up to help welcome refugees under the Biden administration’s recent expansion of its private sponsorship program. Niskanen Center said that new figures from the Community Sponsorship Hub reveal that 65,000 people have signed up to be a part... Continue »
New data reveals one of the strongest indicators yet that the U.S. refugee system has been steadily rebounding following massive cuts under the previous presidential administration: The number of refugees resettled in the United States during this current fiscal year could reach the highest levels seen in decades. “According... Continue »
Listen to an audio snippet of this blog: “I think it’s great when people can help people outside of themselves.” Listen & read on how these inspiring individuals are lending a helping hand to refugees and migrants: #WelcomeWithDignity — America’s Voice (@AmericasVoice) March 20, 2024 The vast... Continue »
Labor Day is an annual observation won by labor activists who “pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being,” the U.S. Department of Labor said. According to new polling, labor unions enjoy strong support from the American people... Continue »
The kid with the neck tattoo of bright red lips, I won’t soon forget him. It wasn’t the neck tattoo of a tough guy or a gang member, but the playful tattoo of a baby-faced teenager. I bet I will run into him someday in the U.S., but I... Continue »
On World Refugee Day, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi is urging nations to do more to offer “hope, opportunities, and solutions” to people displaced from their homes due to armed conflict, environmental disasters, and persecution. In just one example, he said Kenya has shown what’s possible when... Continue »
In 2018 and 2019, President Trump abandoned a long-standing refugee and asylum policy by issuing guidance that instructed USCIS officers to only consider marriages that were valid under the law of their home country. Unfortunately, this excluded many LGBTQ families, interfaith marriages, and those who were married in refugee... Continue »
TPS is an effective solution for humanitarian aid and regional stability and TPS is a decision solely at the President’s discretion A new piece in the Austin American-Statesman underscores the link between widespread hunger and migration pressures, especially in our hemisphere. More than two million people are estimated to... Continue »