As we’ve been highlighting, the Trump administration, led by Stephen Miller, has been using the cover of the pandemic to advance a host of draconian anti-immigrant and anti-immigration policies, many of which they have long pursued but had been previously unable to enact. These cruel and exploitative policies are disproportionately harming children. From reinstituting a… Continue »

Trump Chooses Politics & Ideology over Public Health and Safety Every Time Max Boot’s newest syndicated column describes how the Trump administration “is not letting the coronavirus crisis go to waste … in the name of protecting America from the coronavirus, Trump has been able to achieve a xenophobe’s dream.” According to Pili Tobar, Deputy… Continue »

The Trump administration’s family separation policies embodied a shocking level of cruelty and callousness. Remember that the administration was prepared to rip as many as 26,000 children away from their parents, with no plans for reunification, and they were aware of the emotional and mental health traumas children separated from their parents would suffer. While… Continue »

Last weekend, dozens of protestors gathered in their cars outside of Karnes County Residential Center — an immigrant family detention facility in Texas — to draw attention to the renewed policy of family separation ICE has started pushing on detained immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although demonstrations are inherently limited during the age of social… Continue »

“Every morning, 9-month-old Elizabeth wakes up and reaches across the bed to breastfeed, but her mother isn’t there.” USA Today’s Alan Gomez, Alissa Zhu, Giacomo Bologna and Rebecca Morin detail the enduring and heartbreaking consequences of the Mississippi family separation immigration raid earlier this month.  According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communications for America’s Voice,… Continue »

America’s Moral Collapse Continues A new gut wrenching story from the New York Times’ Christian Goldbaum and Miriam Jordan, with photographs from Christopher Lee, details the prolonged separation of Heydi Gámez García, a 13-year-old refugee from Honduras, and her father Manuel Gámez, which ended in Heydi’s death by suicide.  Heydi, whose asylum case was accepted,… Continue »

As we approach today’s deadline for the Trump administration to reunite 2,500 children with their families, the Washington Post is out with a scathing editorial. They conclude: “From top to bottom, the Sessions-Nielsen zero-decency policy is a humanitarian outrage perpetrated in the name of the American people.” An excerpt of the editorial is included below:… Continue »

South McAllen, TX –  Following today’s vigil with Secretary Julian Castro and Representative Filemon Vela (TX-34), held in front of the Ursula Border Patrol Processing Center in South McAllen, TX in support of all the children held inside without their parents on Father’s Day, experts are available for comment regarding the Trump administration’s cruel policies of… Continue »

This Father’s Day, many fathers across the country will be having backyard BBQs with their children, receiving tools and tech gadgets and hugs. For untold numbers of immigrant fathers however, the day will be different. Immigrant fathers along the border may be in the next room over from their children and unable to see them.… Continue »

Ahead of Father’s Day, Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) joined Representatives Gutiérrez (D-IL), Gallego (D-AZ), and Polis (D-CO) and immigrant advocates to call on the Trump administration to end its inhumane policy of ripping apart families at the border. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), said, “I am the son of an immigrant. My dad came to this country… Continue »