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Fact Checkers Agree: Trump a Failure on Immigration and a Liar on Immigration Ad Claims

Last week, we fact checked the Trump re-election campaign’s television ad lie that he has “cut illegal immigration in half.” As we noted, the ad compares the Trump record to the Trump record (comparing May 2019 numbers to September 2019 numbers), while relying on the less-than-neutral arbiters of Fox News and Trump acolyte and nativist … Continue reading »

Fact Checking Trump’s 2020 Ad Immigration Lie

The Trump re-election campaign aired a new television ad last night that included the claim that Trump has “cut illegal immigration in half.” You’ll be shocked to know the assertion is a flat-out lie.  The ad fine print attributes that claim to a Fox News interview on September 10, 2019 – apparently a reference to … Continue reading »

The Real Trump Record Along the Border: Failure, Cruelty, and Chaos

Yesterday, CBP acting commissioner Mark Morgan delivered a news conference in El Paso to unveil — and spin — FY 2019 border statistics. Morgan touted the supposed “successes” of the Trump administration at the border, noted that the ongoing “crisis” continues, and used those two assertions to push for even more draconian Trump policies. The … Continue reading »

Trump’s “Unprecedented Achievement” at the Border is Actually a Dismal Failure He Created

He Dismantled the Previous System and the Consequences are Deadly As the Trump administration touts its immigration policies as an “unprecedented achievement,” new reports from The Intercept, Insider, and Mother Jones remind us of the life-threatening consequences of Trump and Stephen Miller’s policies.  The Intercept’s Anna-Catherine Brigida in “Despite U.S. Asylum Ban, Honduran Women Fleeing … Continue reading »

Regarding Border Apprehension Numbers, Frank Sharry: This administration has been an abysmal failure

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding the latest border apprehension numbers: When it comes to responding to the regional refugee challenge and humanitarian crisis at our border, the Trump administration has failed miserably.  The challenge has been and continues to be how America can best respond to … Continue reading »

Pili Tobar on August Border Apprehension Numbers: “No Successes Associated with Trump’s Assault on Human Rights”

Yesterday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection acting commissioner Mark Morgan claimed that the Trump administration’s border and asylum policies were a success, based on the declining number of border apprehensions in August (of note, while the monthly data on total apprehensions show a decline of 22 percentage points compared to July, the figure still represents … Continue reading »

As Evidence of Border Failures Mount, Trump Again Raids Military Funding for Border Wall Construction

Last week, we highlighted how the latest DHS monthly numbers offered stark reminders how Trump’s border policies had dramatically worsened the humanitarian and refugee crisis. We also noted that Trump’s refusal to adjust course or admit that more deterrence-only approaches are doomed-to-fail and will make the current situation all the worse. Today, we see more … Continue reading »

The Stats Don’t Lie: Trump Continues to Fail at the Border

As White House Advances More Cruel and Doomed-to-Fail Policies, Smart and Effective Solutions Ignored The latest DHS monthly numbers are in. They continue to be in the 100,000 range, the highest monthly point since 2007. Under Trump, CBP counts have doubled in the past year. A sane administration would diagnose the challenge, review available options, … Continue reading »

WaPo: “Trump wants ‘toughness’ to deter migration, but physical measures keep failing”

In a new piece for the Washington Post, Nick Miroff, Maria Sacchetti and Josh Dawsey recount the failures of Trump’s border policies. They point out that the President seems more interested in his burnishing his “tough guy” brand than in proposing pragmatic solutions. From the piece: “Gil Kerlikowske, CBP commissioner from 2014 to 2017 under … Continue reading »

More Failed Policy in Trump’s Emergency Funding Request

We Need Common Sense and Humane Solutions Yesterday, the Trump administration submitted to Congress an emergency spending request for more than a billion dollars for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), even though DHS received record funding through the regular appropriations process just three months ago. The President’s own fact sheet suggests this request is … Continue reading »