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Zero Tolerance Family Separation

TWEETS: During HJC Hearing on Family Separation, ICE/CBP/DOJ/HHS Officials Punt Blame

The full House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance family separation policy today, as part of an ongoing Democratic effort to finally bring accountability to the practice that has separated thousands of migrant families. As our own DHS Watch this morning noted, today’s hearing was notable partly because it featured former … Continue reading »

Oversight Continues: Trump Family Separation Policy Faces Scrutiny in House Judiciary Hearing and Oversight Markup Today

“We are just beginning to get a picture of how this catastrophic child separation policy was allowed to be implemented, who raised red flags, and who ignored red flags, but there is much more to learn…” – Ur Jaddou, DHS Watch Today the full House Judiciary Committee will convene an oversight hearing on the Trump … Continue reading »

Family Separation Continues With No Process & No Accountability

Over six months after the Trump administration was forced to “end” the policy of family separation of migrants, following massive public outcry, Alan Gomez of USA Today and a new report by the Texas Civil Rights Project expose that the administration is still needlessly and quietly ripping apart families. The Texas Civil Rights Project’s new … Continue reading »

TWEETS: View our coverage of the House Dem Majority’s first hearing on family separations

Today’s hearing in the House Energy and Commerce committee was the first hearing on family separations called by the new Democratic House majority. Oversight was the name of the game: what objections to the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance policy were raised, and who knew about it? On the GOP side, Republicans went out of their … Continue reading »

Ahead of Family Separation Hearing, Rachel Maddow Highlights Trump’s Hypocrisy and Convenient Amnesia

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding an oversight hearing today on the horrors of the Trump administration’s devastating family separation policy, following an unbelievable display of hypocrisy from Trump during his State of the Union address. As America’s Voice Deputy Director Pili Tobar put it: If Trump actually believed that all children are … Continue reading »

House Begins Oversight Hearings of Trump Family Separation Policy

“This is the start of the accountability process to understand what’s happening, the damage being done, and how we may correct and prevent it in the future.” – Ur Jaddou, DHS Watch    Tomorrow (Feb.7), the new House Democratic majority will hold its first hearing on the inhumane Trump family separation policy in the Energy … Continue reading »

Hypocrisy of the Trump Administration on Full Display Before Family Separation Hearings

Last night, Albertina Contreras Teletor and Yakelin Garcia Contreras, a mother and daughter who were separated at the southern border due to the administration’s family separation policy, sat in the House gallery as guests of Senator Jeff Merkley for the State of the Union address. Albertina and Yakelin listened as Trump described the beauty of … Continue reading »

The New Yorker: “An Asylum Seeker’s Quest to Get Her Toddler Back”

In Sarah Stillman’s harrowing new piece for The New Yorker, she tells the story of a Honduran mother on a desperate quest to reunify with her toddler after falling victim to the cruel family separation policy of the Trump administration.   Mother and daughter were just reunited in the Bay Area, but Sindy and Juliet … Continue reading »

In Addition to Thousands More Separated Children, Inspector General Concludes Family Separation Continues Under Dubious Standards and With Little Information

In July 2018, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) at HHS, the agency charged with the care and custody of separated children, certified to a federal court that there were 2,654 children that ORR believed were separated by DHS.  Yesterday, the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (HHS IG) reported that there … Continue reading »

New OIG Report Puts Trump’s Self-Made Crisis on Display

The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Managing Director of America’s Voice, following a groundbreaking OIG report: The draft memo released yesterday confirms what we’ve suspected all along. The Trump administration devised a comprehensive plan to deliberately harm children and families to deter their parents from seeking asylum in the United States. They separated … Continue reading »