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Zero Tolerance Family Separation

No, Mr. Mulvaney, Americans Do NOT Like the Way the Country is Going

Nation Recoils at Trump’s Immigration Radicalism A new editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times, pivoting off recent remarks by Trump official Mick Mulvaney, is entitled, “Like the way America’s going? Not when families have been torn apart.” It captures the disconnect between Trump administration happy talk and voters’ anger at Trump’s immigration policies. It is excerpted … Continue reading »

Washington Post and New York Times Editorials Scorch Administration’s Push for Indefinite Incarceration of Immigrant Minors

Attack on Flores Settlement Cruel, Inhumane and Unacceptable The New York Times and Washington Post editorial boards have responded to the Trump administration’s latest attacks on immigrant kids. Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), proposes to eviscerate protections for children enshrined in the Flores Settlement Agreement so the administration can detain kids … Continue reading »

Why the Trump Administration’s Proposed Flores Regulation is Unacceptable and Demands a Vociferous Challenge

In spite of mounting cases of harm and abuse of children in immigration detention, the Trump administration formally proposed a regulation last week to indefinitely detain children under weaker standards and conditions than currently exist.  The regulation, if finalized, would replace the Flores Settlement Agreement (FSA) which protects children from prolonged detention and inhumane detention … Continue reading »

Family Separation Crisis Takes Toll on GOP in Battleground Districts

The GOP Can’t Disown Its Own Vile and Divisive Anti-Immigrant Strategy New political analysis from Julie Pace of the Associated Press titled, “High Stakes as 2-month Sprint to Election Day Begins,” references internal Republican poll results finding that the cruel family separation policy has hurt Trump and the Republicans’ standing among moderates and independents in … Continue reading »

The Family Separation Crisis Continues, the Suffering of Children Continues, and the Nation Turns its Lonely Eyes to Judge Sabraw

The Court Must Act Decisively; Nielsen, Azar Must Be Held Accountable Six weeks past the court-ordered deadline to reunite the families callously torn apart by the Trump administration, the latest numbers remain stubbornly and startlingly high: Over 600 children are either still in detention or have been released to someone other than their parents. 416 … Continue reading »

Trump Push for Indefinite Detention of Children is Morally Bankrupt and Inhumane

After Failing to Reunite Children, the Next Sad Chapter Unfolds Leading advocates and issue experts have swiftly condemned the Trump administration for its push to replace the Flores Settlement with new regulations that would lead to the indefinite detention of children in unlicensed facilities. Ur Jaddou, Director of DHS Watch: The last thing we need … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Is at It Again – Proposed Regulation Would Eviscerate Standards that Protect Children from Indefinite Detention Under Inhumane Conditions

The following is a statement from Ur Jaddou, Director of DHS Watch, regarding the news that the Trump administration is proposing a new regulation to replace the Flores Settlement Agreement – which provides for basic standards of care for children and protects them from indefinite detention. Instead, the proposed regulation would allow for indefinite detention … Continue reading »

It’s Past Time for the Trump Administration to Return Deported Parents to the U.S. to Reunite with Children

One Month After Court’s Reunification Deadline, Some 500 Children Remain Separated According to yesterday’s report to the federal judge overseeing the reunification of parents and children separated under Trump’s family separation policy — one month after the court-imposed deadline — 497 children remain separated, including 22 under the age of 5.  Of those, 322 children … Continue reading »

ICYMI: New York Times: “The Continuing Tragedy of the Separated Children”

The New York Times lead editorial board today decries the fact that 497 children — 22 of whom are under the age of 5 — remain separated from their families. The Editorial is excerpted below and available in full here. “I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated,” President Trump said … Continue reading »

Congressman Castro Seeks Answers in Toddler’s Death Following Family Detention

Trump Administration Should Cease Plans to Grow Family Detention According to Vice News, Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro “wants answers on what Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] knew about the case of a toddler from Guatemala who died after leaving federal custody earlier this year.”   In a recent meeting with Department of Homeland Security Secretary … Continue reading »