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Sen. Rand Paul Lays Down Marker for Rest of Senate GOP to Oppose Trump’s Emergency Declaration Power Grab

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has announced his intention to vote for the resolution blocking President Trump’s unconstitutional and unpopular emergency declaration. The news means that the Senate will have the necessary votes to join the House in passing the resolution and issuing a sharp rebuke to Trump’s entirely fake national emergency. The development also amps … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Ahead of Caucus Matt Hildreth Assesses “Why Iowa Still Matters”

In a new piece on, Matt Hildreth, the Iowa based Director of Online Programs for America’s Voice and Director of Iowa’s Voice, offers a fresh take on the role of immigration in this year’s caucus and the implications this role will have for candidates of both parties in the general election. Hildreth, who has offered a … Continue reading »

Iowa Still Matters And That’s Bad News For The GOP

Last January, I wrote that immigration hardliners like Steve King were making the Iowa Republican Caucuses irrelevant. Well, I was wrong — sort of. The demographics (not to mention the conservative ideology) of Iowa Republican caucus goers make it hard for Republican candidates to win both the Iowa caucus and the general election. But here’s … Continue reading »

Trump Wants To Deport DACA Recipients Like Ricardo. Do Other GOP Candidates Agree?

We know where Donald Trump stands when it comes to Ricardo, a 24-year-old DACA-mented man who works at a restaurant in Manhattan’s Trump SoHo. Speaking of Ricardo, Trump told The New York Times, “He’s got a legal work permit. I’ve heard he does a good job.” But, Trump’s policy positions make one thing very clear: … Continue reading »

Key Immigration Facts & Questions Ahead Of GOP Presidential Debate

For additional details, contact and please check out the America’s Voice 2016 content, including detailed candidate tracking information, at It’s an article of faith on the Republican campaign trail that the border is out of control and that immigration enforcement is lax – hence, we are experiencing a spike in illegal immigration.  In fact, none of … Continue reading »

NEW VIDEO: Rand Paul Runs Away from Immigration Advocates (Again)

Iowa’s Voice confronted Presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) at a meet and greet at the Sioux Center Public Library today, asking whether he agrees with Donald Trump’s recent derogatory comments about Mexicans (see video of the interaction here).  Instead of responding to their questions, Paul bolted in the opposite direction—very much reminiscent of how he ran … Continue reading »

In Iowa, Rand Paul Runs Away Again, This Time When Asked If He Agrees With Donald Trump

Almost a year ago in Iowa, Rand Paul made national headlines when he ran mid-bite from two DREAMers who were confronting prominent anti-immigration nativist, Rep. Steve King. Now an official Republican candidate for President, Rand Paul is again in Steve King’s district campaigning — and, yet again, running away. Advocates with Iowa’s Voice tried to ask … Continue reading »

Rand Paul Supports Radical Redefinition of 14th Amendment; Where is Rest of GOP 2016 Field on Birthright Citizenship?

As Steve King Gets a Hearing on Redefining Constitution, Issue  Today at 1 PM Eastern, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on one of the anti-immigrant movement’s longtime pet issues – messing with the U.S. Constitution and changing the fundamental interpretation of birthright citizenship, the bedrock of the 14th Amendment.  The hearing and underlying legislation, pushed … Continue reading »

Rand Paul Runs Away Again, This Time From Immigration Reform

File this one away for the next time Rand Paul claims he’s pro-immigrant. From Right Wing Watch: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul recently sat down with the far-right outlet WorldNetDaily to discuss immigration reform, an issue about which he has been all over the map. The Republican presidential candidate, who stated in 2013 that any legal … Continue reading »

Rand Paul: Not a “Different Kind of Republican” on Immigration

Rand Paul Runs Away from Pro-Immigrant Positions Much the Way He Did from Pro-Immigrant Activists Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the latest official entrant into the 2016 Republican presidential field, describing himself as a “different kind of Republican.”  Sen. Paul’s theory of winning the presidency is based on “trying to “make the party bigger” and by urging ”the party to … Continue reading »