A recently signed Iowa law endangering long-settled immigrants and U.S. citizens of color alike has been halted for now. This week, a federal judge temporarily paused the state’s anti-immigrant SF 2340, ruling that the Texas-style legislation “would interfere with the federal government’s enforcement of U.S. immigration laws,” Reuters reported.... Continue »
The Department of Justice has sued Oklahoma over its anti-immigrant law, becoming the latest such lawsuit filed by the federal government in recent weeks over Texas-style legislation endangering long-settled immigrants and U.S. citizens of color alike. The lawsuits against Texas, Iowa, and now Oklahoma “signal that the Biden administration... Continue »
Should the Biden administration use its authority under law to expand work permits and deportation protections to a larger number of long-settled immigrants, this relief will improve the lives of millions of U.S. citizen children as well.  Research from FWD.us estimates that roughly 900,000 U.S. citizen children live with... Continue »
Iowa’s copycat anti-immigrant law was hit with two major lawsuits late last week. On Thursday, civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against S.F. 2340, which was signed by GOP Governor Kim Reynolds on April 10 and is being described by the groups as unconstitutional and “one of the worst,... Continue »
America’s Voice · La Semana En Inmigración – 1.19.24   • Muerte de madre y sus dos hijos en el Río Grande recrudece la disputa entre el gobernador republicano de Texas, Greg Abbott , y la administración Biden por el manejo de la frontera • Donald Trump gana el... Continue »
No matter which Republican presidential candidate emerges as the victor in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, what is assured is that attacking and vilifying immigrant communities all over the U.S. and at the southern border will remain the bedrock of their strategy to drive GOP voters to the polls, both... Continue »
Republican presidential candidates are making their closing arguments to Iowans ahead of the caucuses next week. Donald Trump hopes to all but end the nomination contest with a decisive victory, while Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis hope to make a strong enough showing to start to turn the tide... Continue »
The Iowa Caucus is finally here, and America’s Voice has been on the ground in Des Moines telling the story of the 2020 Democratic caucus through the lens of Latino and immigrant voters. Voters of color have often been ignored by mainstream Democrats campaigning in Iowa, a state that... Continue »
Republicans Senators will be targeted from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin As the U.S. Senate prepares to vote on a measure to revoke President Trump’s national emergency declaration, America’s Voice today launched online ads to... Continue »
Today is the 10th anniversary of an immigration raid in Postville, Iowa, one of the largest workplace raids of all time, which led to the arrests of almost 400 people and decimated a small but diversifying town. Postville is still known for the anti-immigrant brutality that was shown that... Continue »