Donald Trump is seeing a mass exodus of prominent Latino supporters following his anti-immigrant speech in Arizona last night. Among them are Alfonso Aguilar, President of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, who dumped the Republican Presidential nominee during a live interview on CNN this morning. “He said he... Continue »
To quote a certain “billionaire” hotelier, this seems YUGE: Bookings for Donald Trump’s hotels have plummeted nearly 60% for the first half of the year, according to online travel website Hipmunk. “The decrease in the share of hotel bookings going to a Trump property indicates that this particular audience chose... Continue »
In an open letter rejecting his candidacy, Silicon Valley leaders from Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Reddit, StubHub, Meetup, and dozens of other companies call Donald Trump “a disaster for innovation.” 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Trump has promised to build a massive... Continue »
GOP candidates have heaped tons of praise on ridesharing app Uber. But thanks to the rise of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, the feeling isn’t mutual. From Politico: While Uber will serve as the official transportation provider for the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, offering an exclusive service that... Continue »
Another one bites the dust? Politico reports Apple will not provide any financial or technical assistance to the GOP convention next month over Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric about immigrants, Muslim-Americans, and other groups: Unlike Facebook, Google and Microsoft, which have all said they will provide some support to the GOP... Continue »
The upcoming GOP Convention faces even more turmoil as more companies announce they “are opting to drop or scale back their sponsorship” of the event this year. From Bloomberg: Among those to signal in recent days that they won’t sponsor the convention this year are Wells Fargo & Co.,... Continue »
Buzzfeed has joined HP, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft in severing financial ties to this summer’s Republican National Convention over Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric. From Politico: In an email to staff on Monday, BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti explained that in April, the RNC and BuzzFeed signed an agreement to... Continue »
By David Leopold. Crossposted from Medium. Available in Spanish here. Last week, Donald Trump’s Cinco de Mayo tweet topped the headlines. This tweet is the latest in a longstanding series of insulting, offensive, andderogatory tweets from the GOP presidential front runner. What makes Trump’s Twitter conduct so utterly disturbing, and fascinating for the media,... Continue »
The Donald Trump campaign has blamed the nomination of a white nationalist as a California delegate on a “database error.” Don’t you just hate it when that happens? The news yesterday that the Trump campaign had selected William Daniel Johnson — a lawyer who had “once called for a... Continue »
In a must-read opinion piece from The Guardian, Sabrina Vourvoulias writes that the very group Donald Trump has insulted on his way to the GOP nomination could also be responsible for putting up a wall between him and the White House. As Vourvoulias argues in “Donald Trump’s kryptonite: millions of active – and furious... Continue »