We know where Donald Trump stands when it comes to Ricardo, a 24-year-old DACA-mented man who works at a restaurant in Manhattan’s Trump SoHo. Speaking of Ricardo, Trump told The New York Times, “He’s got a legal work permit. I’ve heard he does a good job.” But, Trump’s policy... Continue »
Bobby Jindal has been having a bit of a rough time lately. Once considered a rising star in the GOP (who could ever forget that State of the Union rebuttal?), Jindal has consistently ranked in the bottom five of GOP Presidential candidates in most polling. So maybe that’s why... Continue »
Earlier this week, a court of appeals denied the government’s emergency request to lift the temporary hold on DAPA and expanded DACA, two programs that would allow millions of families to live free from the fear of deportation. Legal scholars have noted that this bogus lawsuit — led by... Continue »
New Jersey Governor and potential 2016 Republican contender Chris Christie has taken the next step in embracing anti-immigrant politics by signing onto a brief seeking to block immigration executive action programs.  As Elise Foley of the Huffington Post reports: “After months of staying out of the legal battle over the president’s... Continue »
Today, People For the American Way, America’s Voice, and ColorOfChange.org released an open letter to Republican presidential candidates urging them to make clear that they don’t support CPAC’s ongoing relationship with ProEnglish, a group led by white nationalist Bob Vandervoot. Despite CPAC’s troubling history of welcoming white nationalists as... Continue »
President Obama announced his long-awaited executive action for immigrants last night and Republicans and conservatives, well, let’s just say they are not taking it well.  Commentators and legal experts concur that President Obama is well within his legal authority, and that yesterday’s executive order is no different from moves taken by former Presidents Ronald Reagan... Continue »
Updated September 13, 2013 Republican & Conservative Movement Leaders Support Immigration Reform Since the 2012 election, leading Republican and conservative voices are calling for a new Republican approach to immigration, as evidenced by the following quotes: Republican Elected Officials Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), wrote in an op-ed, “Everybody agrees... Continue »
Earlier this week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came out against the Senate immigration bill in a National Review column that Dave Weigel slammed as “incoherent until you realize he wants to win the Iowa caucuses.” Jindal wrote a lot about how there was pork in the Senate bill, and then said... Continue »
Mark Krikorian, head of the anti-immigrant “think tank” Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), is feeling a bit lonely this week.  Surveying the likely GOP presidential contenders for 2016, he lamented to the conservative Weekly Standard, “I’m honestly looking for someone I can support in 2016.”  Krikorian’s glum assessment of the potential 2016 Republican... Continue »
Cross-posted at Latino Decisions Recently there have been a series of high profile endorsements for comprehensive immigration reform from the Republican Party. Immediately after the November 2012 election Bobby Jindal made a plea for more civility and and less stupidity on the immigration issue. Before too long, it was the Gang of 8 in... Continue »