Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
Immigrants Share Our Values and Should Be Welcomed Here Cleveland, OH — Today, Governor John Kasich announced the creation of an historic Office for New Americans, a statewide expression along the lines of local initiatives lead by the city of Dayton and other Ohio communities.  Following is a statement... Continue »
Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
CNN Poll: Americans Across Ideologies Agree Cleveland, OH – Today, A bipartisan group of governors, including Ohio’s John Kasich, sent a letter to congressional leaders in both parties urging them to “come together quickly to shape a bipartisan solution that allows our Dreamers to remain in the United States and continue their... Continue »
Americans rally behind immigrant neighbors in face of Trump's policies.
It’s Now Up to Congress to Pass Critical Legislation Addressing the Status of Dreamers Cleveland, OH – Yesterday,  Donald Trump made a cowardly decision, sending his Attorney General to deliver bad news to 800,000 Americans with DACA – and thousands of other young people who are finally old enough to apply... Continue »
Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
Where Is Attorney General Mike DeWine? Cleveland, OH – Gov. John Kasich weighed in this weekend on Trump’s pending “decision,” expected tomorrow, about cancelling or continuing the DACA program.  But so far, Attorney General and Ohio gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine has been silent. Referencing the story of Jesus Contreras, a... Continue »
Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
Cleveland, OH – On Meet the Press yesterday, two common themes emerged in interviews with Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).  One, bipartisanship is key to progress on issues that Americans want resolved; and two, the Trump Administration’s mass deportation policy is inhumane and un-American. Governor... Continue »
McCauley Column, NYT Editorial Provoke Compelling Questions about Ohio Mom’s Deportation The headline of Byron McCauley’s column in the Cincinnati Enquirer about Oswaldo, Maribel Trujillo’s eldest son, is heartbreaking: “His mom deported, 15 year-old boy left with questions,” and so is the entire piece.  Just read the first lines:... Continue »
Just Ask The Ohio Immigrant Families That Met With Him The Washington Post reported that the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will endorse Ohio Governor John Kasich for President today.  From the Post: During a public forum with the candidates, the group’s president and CEO, Javier Palomarez, admitted that Kasich “doesn’t... Continue »
The headdesk moment of the Republican debate came thanks to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who spent most of the night attacking Donald Trump, then pledged to support him as the GOP’s nominee for President. John Kasich, who was a bit of an afterthought last night, also vowed to support him... Continue »
On Saturday, members of the Lorain, Ohio community hosted a luncheon as part of the “DAPA Dinners” campaign to highlight how DAPA and expanded DACA could help the state’s immigrant families and children. The event was organized by DAPA-eligible families and leaders from the Lorain Ohio Immigrant Rights Association... Continue »
By Stalling Programs in Court Gov. Kasich and Attorney General DeWine Are Denying The State Tax Revenue As the Supreme Court prepares to hear the case over President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, evidence continues to grow that upholding the policies is not just the right thing to do... Continue »