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***   This week we’re publishing the third episode of our new podcast, “A is for America”, with special guest Zenen Jaimes Peréz, Communications Director of the Texas Civil Rights Project. Listen below or tune in via iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app. This week, Congressional Republicans... Continue »
      This week we’re publishing the second episode of our new podcast, “A is for America”, with special guest Matt Barreto, a political science professor at UCLA and co-founder of Latino Decisions. Listen below or tune in via iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app. Conor Lamb... Continue »
Democrats Can Win by Leaning in, Staying Focused A new political memo from America’s Voice released today highlights how in red, purple, and blue states alike, Republicans have made attacks on sanctuary cities and immigration a key component of their political strategy this cycle. But, as the results of Tuesday’s special election... Continue »
Read court ruling here. Austin, TX – Today, the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals released its ruling on Senate Bill 4 (“SB4”) to vacate most of Judge Orlando Garcia’s preliminary injunction on the bill. The panel’s decision means that certain provisions of SB4, the anti-immigrant and discriminatory law,... Continue »
California laws are getting in the way of the Trump Administration’s ongoing war against immigrants This week, the long-simmering battle between the Trump Administration and California over so-called “sanctuary cities” — also called “safe cities” — escalated when the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the Golden State... Continue »
Lawsuit vs. California about stoking culture war and political attack ads, not public safety The news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is suing the state of California over several pro-immigrant policies is just the latest reminder that the Trump Administration’s war on immigrants is more about stoking a culture... Continue »
Today is March 5, 2018, the day that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions said was the legislative deadline for Congress to find a solution for Dreamers. Six months has passed since the Trump Administration ended DACA, and Congress has done nothing to ensure that Dreamers — young people who... Continue »
Last night in Kansas City, more than a hundred Dreamers, advocates, and community members turned out for a vigil and march in support of Dreamers, immigrants, and the need for #DreamActNow. As their event Facebook page said: Congress has failed to protect our immigrant youth once again after voting... Continue »
ICE, the Trump Administration’s interior immigration enforcement agency, is out of control, routinely engaging in political retaliation and indiscriminate arrests that are trampling on American values and separating American families. A close observer of the Trump Administration’s immigration extremism, CNN’s Tal Kopan, today writes a piece assessing ICE’s renewed focus on “low hanging... Continue »
With his characteristic honesty, thoroughness and bite, columnist Dan Savage takes on ICE. In the tradition of AIDS activists who “named names” at the CDC and the FDA when those agencies were dragging their feet as the AIDS crisis exploded, Savage calls out Marc J. Moore, the ICE Director... Continue »