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ICE and CBP Abuse

Trump Administration Seizure of $58k From Cleveland Man Just Latest in Use of Un-American and Unlawful Tactics

Cleveland, OH —  Under President Trump, the twin police forces of U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have resorted to increasingly authoritarian tactics, regardless of the consequences for public safety and basic human rights. “The Border Patrol and ICE are now operating like political police forces within our communities,” said Lynn Tramonte, … Continue reading »

Border Patrol Shoots and Kills Unarmed Woman

Customs and Border Protection Must Be Held Accountable for Excessive Use of Force, Abuse and Corruption Yesterday, Univision reported that a Border Patrol agent fatally shot an unarmed undocumented woman in the head, according to a video of the incident by a bystander. In the video: a woman yells at an agent: “Why are you … Continue reading »

What Trump Has Unleashed: Border Patrol Agent Detains U.S. Citizens for Speaking Spanish in Montana

Evidently, racist lawyer bro in New York City isn’t the only one threatening Americans for speaking Spanish. In an article entitled, “A Border Patrol agent detained two U.S. citizens at a gas station after hearing them speak Spanish,” the Washington Post describes in 0disturbing detail how two U.S. citizens were detained by a Border Patrol agent outside … Continue reading »

LA Times Investigation: ICE Has Illegally Detained Nearly 1,500 American Citizens Since 2012

Last Friday, the Los Angeles Times published a deeply disturbing investigative piece detailing how U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has detained nearly 1,500 American citizens since 2012. The length of time these citizens were kept in ICE custody ranges from one day to more than three years. The story, from reporters Paige St. John and Joel … Continue reading »

Shot: Conservative Columnist Michael Gerson: “ICE Has Become Trump’s Personal Bullying Squad”

Chaser: Esquire’s Charles Pierce: “There is a fully deputized, well-armed national police force operating in this country like we’ve never seen operate before” Michael Gerson, a syndicated Washington Post columnist who worked for George W. Bush as a speechwriter, pens a must-read column entitled, “ICE Has Become Trump’s Personal Bullying Squad.” The piece is an essential contribution to … Continue reading »

Because Groom was Latino, Republican Pennsylvania Judge Calls ICE on Couple She Was Supposed to Marry

A racist judge in Pennsylvania redefined judicial activism last week when she called ICE on a couple that she was supposed to be marrying, for no other reason than the color of the groom’s skin. Alexander Parker and Krisha Schmick were high school sweethearts who had been eagerly waiting to be married, but Judge Elizabeth … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Continues Full Steam Ahead in Efforts to Reshape America’s Treatment of Immigrants and Refugees

Congress may be essentially done for the year, but the Trump Administration is moving forward aggressively to fundamentally reshape the way America treats immigrants and refugees. Just in the past few weeks alone, we’ve seen the Trump administration: Abandon ICE’s presumed release policy that kept most pregnant women out of immigrant detention facilities; Float a radical … Continue reading »

Abolish ICE: the New Call to Destroy ICE’s Destructive Deportation Force

In the last year, Donald Trump has taken the “shackles off” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), allowing them to target families, separate parents from children, arrest immigrant victims at courthouses, and much more. Now, a new movement has arisen among immigration advocates and progressives to abolish ICE altogether. ICE has been called a “rogue agency” … Continue reading »

Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Remains Out of Control

More disturbing examples of how Trump war on immigrants is separating American families and trampling on our values More observers are reporting disturbing examples of how the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement agencies are unshackled and unaccountable, trampling on American values and separating American families. From the must-read recent TIME magazine cover story to ongoing disturbing examples of ICE … Continue reading »

As ICE and CBP Run Rampant, Why Would Congress Increase Funding?

Next week, members of Congress will face a key decision: will they be complicit in Trump’s war on immigrants – and approve his $21.5 billion request to bolster his arsenal of deportation agents – or will they defend our history as a nation of immigrants? According to Pili Tobar, Managing Director of America’s Voice, “Under … Continue reading »

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