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ICE and CBP Abuse

The Cruelty of Trump’s DHS Towards 10-Year Old Rosa Maria Hernandez Is Not an Isolated Incident

CBP and ICE Seeking Billions of Dollars in New Taxpayer Money to Put Existing Deportation Efforts into Overdrive The arrest and detention of the 10-year old Rosa Maria Hernandez in Texas last week has sparked national outrage, but unfortunately it’s not the only example of inhumanity on display by Trump’s deportation force. As the Washington Post explained in … Continue reading »

A New, Loathsome Low: Trump Administration Detains a 10-Year Old Disabled Girl and Separates Her From Her Mother

Rosa Maria Hernandez should be immediately released and returned to her mother The Trump Administration’s deportation machinery hit a new low this week with the arrest and detention of 10-year old Rosa Maria Hernandez in Texas. Rosa Maria has cerebral palsy and has lived in Texas since she was three months old. Earlier this week, she … Continue reading »

Trump Administration’s Abuses Against Immigrants Continue with Possible Deportation of Girl Who Has Cerebral Palsy, Arrest Without Warrant in Oregon

The Trump Administration, its officials within DHS, and its enforcers at ICE and CBP apparently know no bounds when it comes to immigrants and deportation. This week, we’ve seen one story about immigrants and deportation that exceeds the bounds of decency, and another where immigration officials flat-out acted illegally. 10-year-old girl may be deported after … Continue reading »

ICE Director Homan’s Cynical Anti-Immigrant Ploy Amid Northern California Wildfires

Northern California is recovering from devastating wildfires. Why is Thomas Homan interjecting a nonsense political agenda? This month, wildfires in the Napa and Sonoma regions of northern California killed dozens and destroyed thousands of homes. Shortly after, right-wing news sites like Breitbart and Infowars (in their capacity as right-wing, race-baiting sites that use every shred … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Displays Callousness Toward Immigrants in Abortion, Deportations Stories

The inhumanity of Trump’s deportation machine has been on display this week in three cases where the federal government has shown a callous indifference to immigrants’ lives, whether they are 17-year-old minors or parents who have lived in the US for decades and have deep ties. 17-year-old asylum seeker is being denied access to abortion … Continue reading »

John Kelly Ordered ICE to Portray Immigrants as Criminals in Order to Justify Raids

All year, Donald Trump’s mass deportation force has been rounding up tens of thousands of immigrant mothers and fathers who have committed no crimes. Now, it turns out former DHS chief John Kelly was behind an effort to plant a false narrative to justify their arrests. The evidence is laid about in a piece by … Continue reading »

Motel 6 “Leaves the Light On” — For ICE

Locations in Arizona notified immigration authorities about undocumented guests Motel 6 employees at two locations in Arizona were reporting undocumented guests to ICE, according to the Phoenix New Times, leading to the arrest of at least 20 people between February and August. A front-desk clerk who spoke to the New Times was chillingly blase about … Continue reading »

Trump Push for Dramatically Expanded Deportation Force Runs into Scandal and Opposition

DHS Shut Out Congress and Attorneys During Muslim Ban Chaos, DHS Inspector General Challenges Need for Expansion The Trump Administration and Republican allies are pushing for billions in additional funding to beef up the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deportation force, including 15,000 new ICE and CBP agents. But revelations and reports that came out yesterday … Continue reading »

New Report: Customs and Border Protection Sees No Accountability (as Evidenced in Teenage Boy’s Death)

US Customs and Border Protection has been called America’s most corrupt and out-of-control law enforcement agency, with a reputation for regularly overstepping the bounds of their authority, using excessive force, and detaining people under inhumane conditions. Recent headlines about CBP abuses have involved “rape tables”, a teenage boy dying after being told to drink liquid meth, … Continue reading »

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