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NEW TRAINING: How to Fight Back Against Racist & Xenophobic Campaign Rhetoric

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Throughout the 2020 election season, America’s Voice has been tracking xenophobic and racist ads that candidates, campaigns, and PACs are running through our 2020 Ad Watch campaign. Although hateful election rhetoric did not start with Trump, the president’s attacks during his 2016 and 2018 campaigns were some of the most troubling in our nation’s history. Worse, they have become a fixture of GOP election strategy across the country.

Luckily, with the right tools and understanding, this strategy is one that many groups on the ground can combat as the election approaches. To help pro-immigration activists flag these ads, recognize their intent, and start working against the candidates who employ this strategy, we’ve put together a training from our 2020 Ad Watch team. 

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Using the tools provided by Facebook and Google, we are tracking all of the xenophobic and racist political ads that campaigns publish through those platforms. We are also monitoring more traditional spaces such as TV, radio, and newspapers. To learn more about our campaign, please visit our project site. If you see an ad you think should be included in our database, you can report it here.