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As March 1 primary approaches, dangerous “Invasion” rhetoric has been a central message of GOP elected officials and candidates Washington, DC – In shocking comments yesterday, former President Trump commended Russian President Vladimir Putin’s increased escalation in Ukraine, which includes the deployment of “peacekeeping” Russian troops in two regions... Continue »
Rick Scott blueprint captures ugly GOP motivations, whitewashing of Trump’s failed war on immigrants Washington, DC – A new political blueprint from Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), outlines Republicans’ election messaging for 2022. Among the sections of the “11 Point Plan... Continue »
New America’s Voice Report Explores Texas GOP’s Dangerous Embrace of Nativist Ideas and Rhetoric Washington, DC – In a new analysis posted to the America’s Voice website, America’s Voice Senior Political Manager Zachary Mueller highlights how Texas Republican elected officials and candidates “have recently turbo-charged their embrace of ‘replacement... Continue »
Washington, DC – Across the country, Republican candidates and elected officials are becoming increasingly radical, embracing nativism, stoking fear and stirring hate. Witness examples from Florida, Arizona, and Texas: In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis and fellow Republicans have been pushing an ugly proposal that would stop the state from... Continue »
“It feels warm and fuzzy to say that we have guys with camouflage down on the border, but it’s just politicians playing with people’s emotions.” Congressman and former Marine Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) A detailed investigative report published in the Army Times highlights the consequences of the politicization of the... Continue »
Washington, DC – For the second time this week, Texas business leaders are calling on Texas Senators to help pass much-needed immigration reform to help the state’s economy, but Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz remain among the most ardent opponents. And it seems to be getting under the... Continue »
Looking to curry favor with Trump and his cultish followers, Republican governors head to the southern border in latest political stunt Washington, DC – In the latest Republican attempt to politicize the challenges at our southern border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is playing host to 10 other Republican governors... Continue »
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“Violent rhetoric too often leads to lawlessness and violence”   Two years ago today, a white supremacist who claimed he was combatting an “invasion” of “Mexicans” drove across Texas to kill 23 innocent people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. His “manifesto” was a chilling regurgitation of anti-immigrant... Continue »
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Washington, DC – Next Tuesday is the two year anniversary of the El Paso massacre. A white supremacist who claimed he was combatting an “invasion” of “Mexicans,” drove across Texas to kill 23 innocent people at a Walmart.  Today, when Texas politicians should avoid dehumanizing immigrants and stoking anti-immigrant... Continue »
Heated rhetoric takes dangerous direction   The Republican Party and its right wing media enablers continue to take their anti-immigrant obsessions and distractions into dangerous territory.  Rather than a chastened party seriously wrestling with how its rhetoric and fear-mongering has contributed to deadly attacks – including the January 6... Continue »