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Frank Sharry: Ramos v. Nielsen Decision Means TPS Is On The Ballot This November

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Between The Appeals Process & Existing Agreements, Mass Deportations Cannot Happen Before Inauguration Day 2021

That Means Whoever Wins The Presidency On November 3rd Will Likely Decide The Fate of 300,000 Immigrants Who Have Lived Here For Decades Who Are American In Everything But Paperwork

Washington DC – The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding the court’s decision to side with the Trump Administration to terminate TPS:

This disappointing court decision fuels Trump’s war on immigrants. Since the beginning of his presidency, Trump has worked relentlessly to strip away the legal status of hundreds of thousands of individuals with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Not because the policy is without legal basis. It is. Not because the conditions in El Salvador have improved dramatically. They haven’t. Not because Trump and Stephen Miller followed a fair and fact-based process to make a new determination. They didn’t. 

Trump wants to drive immigrants out of the country and keep immigrants and refugees from being admitted. He ended DACA, ended TPS for most nationalities, and is intent on enacting a cruel policy aimed uprooting the lives of hardworking, taxpaying, law abiding families — including more than 131,000 essential workers fighting the coronavirus.

Temporary Protected Status is on the ballot in November. And if we do not remove Trump and the rest of his Republican toadies and protectors, we could see one of the largest mass deportations and family separation crises in American history.