As Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s dangerous dehumanization of migrants hits dangerous new lows, CNN reports that “some members belonging to a group known for using demonizing rhetoric and intersecting with extremists” have been discussing gathering in the region. “Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber is monitoring the potential arrival this... Continue »
American businesses can’t get the workers they need due to out-of-date immigration policy New York, NY — A recent article in the Washington Post underscored how the labor shortage is impacting communities all across the country – from New York to North Dakota.  Noting that, “despite growing demand to... Continue »
2024 kicked off with two historic wins for hundreds of thousands of immigrant families on opposite coasts of the nation. California has become the first in the country to open state health care insurance to all eligible undocumented adults. In New Jersey, workers and advocates celebrated new law ensuring... Continue »
Washington, DC — Donald Trump opposes any immigration and border agreement. So House Republicans will oppose any immigration and border agreement. That dynamic is both simple and front-and-center today. As NBC’s Sahil Kapur highlighted from Fox News last night: “Laura Ingraham says Trump just told her he opposes the... Continue »
Indicted former president Donald Trump continues to lash out with the racist “birther” lie – but this time the ugly vitriol reaches new lows and is directed at a GOP opponent who was once a member of his administration.  Trump took to his Truth Social account earlier this month... Continue »
Washington, DC — House Republicans keep admitting their views that immigration and the border are a political issue to run on, rather than a policy issue to be resolved. The latest reminder, via Beltway outlet Punchbowl News:  “Speaker Mike Johnson and his leadership team gave the clearest signal yet... Continue »
Leaders and advocates in Texas and across the country are blasting Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s apparent lament that the state can’t shoot migrants on sight at the border. Yes, he really said that. In shocking remarks initially reported by Heartland Signal, Abbott complained to right-wing activist and former... Continue »
Washington, DC — Texas under Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) has been relentless in their anti-immigrant focus, both politically and substantively. Texas is challenging federal supremacy over immigration and border control and going to new lengths to assert the Governor’s role in the national GOP spiral towards extremism. Three developments... Continue »
No matter which Republican presidential candidate emerges as the victor in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, what is assured is that attacking and vilifying immigrant communities all over the U.S. and at the southern border will remain the bedrock of their strategy to drive GOP voters to the polls, both... Continue »
Find the full recording of the call here. WASHINGTON, D.C.  – As some Republican lawmakers continue to hold security assistance to Ukraine hostage in exchange for major policy reforms to restrict immigration, immigrant rights  advocates and policy experts held a press call today to outline the anticipated harms of... Continue »