Sporting a large tan cowboy hat, a bulletproof vest with the words “SHERIFF” blazoned across his chest, and an assault weapon, Mark Lamb likes to dress up for the cameras. First elected Pinal County Sheriff in 2017, Lamb has turned himself into a far-right celebrity who is frequently dawning... Continue »
Donald Trump was the most anti-immigrant president in modern history who used his time in office to enact cruel and inhumane policies. In 2020, our multiracial, multiethnic, multigenerational majority chose a new America. As we prepare for a new administration and era in American politics, many immigrants and advocates... Continue »
La organización continua en comunidades de color marcó la diferencia   Washington, DC – La victoria de Raphael Warnock y el posible triunfo de Jon Ossoff en las contiendas electorales para el Senado en Georgia dicen mucho sobre el futuro de la política estadounidense y de la política migratoria... Continue »
Yesterday, thanks to the longstanding organizing efforts by and of communities of color, Georgia voters showed up in incredible numbers and tipped the scales towards a Democrat majority in the Senate. Here are some of our favorite posts about this historic win: UNITE HERE led a program with... Continue »
Today, thanks to the longstanding organizing efforts by and of communities of color, Georgia voters will have the chance to cast their ballot in the highly-anticipated Senate runoff election. Many voter mobilization efforts have centered on the rejection of anti-immigrant policies emanating from the Trump administration and Republican members... Continue »
President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President elect Kamala Harris have made diversity a key component of their soon-to-be administration. From women and people from various races and backgrounds to immigrants and the children of immigrants, the new administration is shaping up to be the most diverse in U.S. history.  Here... Continue »
Early voting began Monday in Georgia ahead of the January runoff elections. Longstanding organizing efforts by and of communities of color have built political power over time and could prove decisive in the twin senatorial races that culminate in January. The multiracial electorate in Georgia highlights the role of... Continue »
Now, at the end of one of the most difficult years we have experienced at a collective and personal level, I ask myself how will we, as a society, overcome the profound divisions, bad blood, and lack of civility that has so affected this nation. And, which has been... Continue »
Building relationships with and mobilizing voters of color key for Democratic victories in Georgia Senate races Ahead of the January runoff elections, attention to the growing new multiracial electorate in Georgia highlights the role of AAPI, Latino, Black, and Native American voters who helped flip Georgia for the Democrats... Continue »
With the debacle of the pandemic, the economic crisis, and the drama of the electoral defeat that Donald Trump calls “stolen”—and shamefully continues to profit from—we have not focused on the reality that on January 20th, at noon, Democrat Joe Biden will assume not only the reigns of this... Continue »