El lamentable deceso de la jueza liberal de la Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, trajo a mi memoria escenas que presencié como corresponsal en Washington del diario La Opiniónel 11 de diciembre de 2000, cuando el máximo tribunal escuchó los argumentos del caso Bush v. Gore en la elección presidencial de ese año. La noche… Continue »

Key Immigration Politics Stories Biden Stands with the Majority of Americans Who Are Pro-Immigrant: Contrasts between Biden and Trump couldn’t be clearer. New Battleground Poll: Trump’s immigration policies are losing him more votes than they gain. The “Cornyn Con” Continues: John Cornyn calls himself a strong supporter of legalizing Dreamers, despite consistently voting against Dreamers… Continue »

Austin, TX —  Last week, vulnerable incumbent Senator John Cornyn released a Spanish-language ad that falsely claimed Cornyn “strongly supports the legalization of DREAMers” despite the fact that Cornyn has a long history of voting against DREAMers, undermining DACA, and trying to kill bipartisan immigration reform. Earlier today, America’s Voice, DREAMers, and immigration activists called out Cornyn for his blatant hypocrisy… Continue »

Amidst ongoing focus on his level of support with Latino voters, Joe Biden traveled to Florida yesterday for events in Tampa and Kissimmee, released a plan on how he would support Puerto Rico, and conducted an interview with Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart in which he reiterated his top immigration priorities.  Alongside a series of other immigration… Continue »

Throughout the 2020 election season, America’s Voice has been tracking xenophobic and racist ads that candidates, campaigns, and PACs are running through our 2020 Ad Watch campaign. Although hateful election rhetoric did not start with Trump, the president’s attacks during his 2016 and 2018 campaigns were some of the most troubling in our nation’s history.… Continue »

Family separation, ending DACA and wasteful spending on border wall are key Trump liabilities and opportunities for Biden & Democrats   As President Trump joins a town hall in Philadelphia to tackle questions from “undecided” voters, new polling of likely voters across 12 battleground states, conducted for a trio of pro-immigrant advocacy groups, shows that… Continue »

In the battle for the Latino vote in Florida, and specifically the Puerto Rican vote in this state, the presidential candidates are even talking about rice! In response to a radio spot in Spanish from the Donald Trump campaign, in which a young woman defends the Goya brands with a rather exaggerated “boricua” accent and… Continue »

Between The Appeals Process & Existing Agreements, Mass Deportations Cannot Happen Before Inauguration Day 2021 That Means Whoever Wins The Presidency On November 3rd Will Likely Decide The Fate of 300,000 Immigrants Who Have Lived Here For Decades Who Are American In Everything But Paperwork Washington DC – The following is a statement from Frank Sharry,… Continue »

Senator John Cornyn is out with a new Spanish-language ad claiming that he “strongly supports the legalization of Dreamers.” It’s a jaw-dropping claim considering his long record of doing exactly the opposite. On the Senate floor, Cornyn has had numerous opportunities to vote yes. Every time, he’s voted no. Cornyn is so infamous for faking… Continue »

Key Immigration Politics Stories Pew poll on immigration: “voters have shifted in a more liberal direction.” Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli need to resign from DHS – they’ve betrayed America Border Patrol produces racist video just in time for Trump’s reelection  Biden, Latinos and Florida – check the data, and the hand-wringing  Trump still relies… Continue »