People Power Propels Historic Bill Forward Yesterday, California’s State Senate passed the California Values Act, a landmark bill that ensures state and local law enforcement do not arrest and detain individuals solely on their immigration status. As the Trump Administration ramps up the federal government’s deportation machinery and attempts... Continue »
Judges, Law Enforcement Call Out Sessions and Kelly for Efforts to Trample on Public Safety A new battle between the Trump Administration and states and localities has broken out over whether immigration enforcement should take place at courthouses. A growing number of state and local leaders from law enforcement... Continue »
Advocates delivered petitions asking Senators to oppose Trump on immigration.
On Monday, April 3, United We Dream advocates delivered petitions — 290,000 of them —  gathered by United We Dream, CREDO, ACLU, Detention Watch Network, Church World Service, and America’s Voice to ask that the Senate Democrats who have committed to vote against funding President Donald Trump’s expansion of... Continue »
A three-day series of ICE raids across the Pacific Northwest (including Oregon, Washington, and Alaska) resulted in the arrest and detention of 84 immigrants, according to an ICE press release yesterday. ICE raids now indiscriminate A third of those arrested had no criminal record whatsoever, lending evidence to what immigration... Continue »
People Power, Resolute Democrats On Verge of Defeating President Trump’s Budget Request for Border Wall and Deportation Force Last week, another Trump promise crumbled with the crash and burn of the health care bill in the House of Representatives. The keys to victory: people power, Democratic unity and Republican... Continue »
Some Republicans have been trying to turn a horrific rape in a Rockville, Maryland high school into an anti-immigration news story, because the alleged perpetrators are immigrants.  It’s a sad exploitation of the situation. Treating this as an immigration problem rather than a sexual assault problem will certainly not lead... Continue »
If the Trump White House was hoping that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ anti-immigrant scapegoating and newest threats against so-called “sanctuary cities” would help the Administration turn the page on a rough week and intimidate local leaders and jurisdictions into backing down, they can’t be happy with the reaction and... Continue »
The following is a quote from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, responding to the appearance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions at today’s White House press briefing, and the administration’s new anti-immigrant scapegoating plan: It’s painfully obvious that the Trump Administration wants to change the subject... Continue »
New stories in CNN and The Daily Beast offer more chilling details about how the Trump Administration and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are engaged in a pattern of political retaliation and intimidation against communities that welcome immigrants. Last week, a U.S. federal judge confirmed that Austin, TX-area... Continue »
The Trump Administration, and an “unshackled” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), are detaining and deporting immigrants who have lived here for decades, including DREAMers, immigrants with U.S. citizen children, and others with deep ties to America. Now, the Trump White House’s supplemental DHS... Continue »