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Donald Trump Was Greeted With A Wall During His Denver Visit — But It’s Definitely Not The Kind He Was Thinking

A wall was erected in Colorado during Donald Trump’s visit to the state earlier this month — but it’s definitely not the kind the presumptive Republican nominee has proposed. ProgressNow, Strong Colorado and over two dozen local groups joined forces to build a nine-foot-tall wall out of cardboard boxes in Denver’s Civic Center Park, just … Continue reading »

In Wisconsin, Advocates Have Been Busy Preparing Immigrant Families For DAPA

Immigration advocates, Voces de la Frontera, have been working to prepare for the DAPA decision through their successful “Faces of DAPA and DACA” exhibit and May Day March for Immigrants, Students, and Workers Rights in Milwaukee. In the next couple weeks, they have further plans to hold a community forum to prepare for DAPA and … Continue reading »

Wisconsin Is On Fire (Politically Speaking)

Wisconsin has been on fire recently, politically speaking. Late last month, activists carrying signs reading “No Hate In Our State,” “First They Came For The Immigrants…” and “No Racism” were arrested protesting the Republican debate in Milwaukee. Now, some say all politics are local — and you don’t need to look any further than Racine, … Continue reading »

“No Hate In Our State”: Wisconsinites Protest Trump As GOP Candidates To Debate In Milwaukee

Yesterday, six Wisconsin leaders were arrested after protesting in the lobby of a hotel scheduled to host a press conference by Donald Trump today. Tonight, the remaining Republican Presidential candidates — Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Ohio Governor John Kasich — are also set to participate in a televised town hall in Milhaukee. Holding … Continue reading »

Immigrants And Allies Rally In Six Cities Across Wisconsin Against Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Nearly a month after turning out 20,000 people in an action at the state capitol last month, immigrant community members and allies in Wisconsin appear to be on the cusp of a major victory in their state. According to Wisconsin group Voces de la Frontera, the State Senate is set to close their legislative session … Continue reading »

“A Day Without Latinos”: Massive Crowd Of 20,000 Floods Wisconsin Capitol To Protest Anti-Immigrant Legislation

After Pope Francis vs. Donald Trump yesterday, chances are you might have missed this incredible news coming out of Wisconsin. An estimated 20,000 Latinos, immigrants, and their allies from across the state walked out of their jobs and schools to mobilize against two anti-immigrant bills now sitting in the state legislature. Immigrant rights group Voces de … Continue reading »

“Caucus To End Hate”: Iowa Latinos Respond To Joint Trump, Arpaio Rally With Protest, Voter Registration Drive

Iowa Latinos participated in a silent protest and voter registration event in response to Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Marshalltown, Iowa yesterday, where he eagerly received an endorsement from notorious Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Immigrant activists preparing to protest the Trump/Joe Arpaio rally in Marshalltown. — Kate Linthicum (@katelinthicum) January 26, 2016 Sheriff … Continue reading »

“Todo el mundo odió” a Donald Trump en SNL

Juan Escalante: “SNL pudo haber ganado en audiencia, pero perdió toda la credibilidad que tenía al proveer una plataforma” a Donald Trump  Washington, DC— Para quienes no vimos a Donald Trump en ‘Saturday Night Live’ anoche, una rápida búsqueda en Intenet muestra que los críticos lo consideran un rotundo fracaso. Fusion hace un resumen de la gran … Continue reading »

Media Frenzy As Activists Deliver Over Half A Million Petition Signatures Telling NBC And SNL: Trump’s #RacismIsntFunny

Last night, leaders from a host of Latino and immigrant rights groups rallied and delivered over 520,000 petition signatures calling on NBC to rescind Donald Trump’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting invitation, set for this weekend. The #RacismIsntFunny campaign and petition drive was a collaborative effort between multiple organizations including America’s Voice,, CREDO Action, Latino … Continue reading »

Activists And Community Members Protest Anti-Immigrant Law In North Carolina

On Wednesday the state of North Carolina succumbed to the #TrumpEffect, as Governor Pat McCrory signed into law HB 318 – a harsh anti-immigrant law that promises to make the lives of immigrants even more insufferable. Today, I signed a bill to end sanctuary cities in North Carolina and uphold the rule of law. #ncpol … Continue reading »