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Rally for TPS for Central America Takes Place Outside the White House

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Yesterday, advocates rallied outside the White House to call out President Biden for failing to grant TPS designations for humanitarian relief one year after devastating hurricanes. New TPS designations provide security for families already living and working in the U.S., and will help stabilize a region grappling with acute food insecurity and child malnutrition, widespread poverty amid economic collapse, internal displacement, and dangerously unstable political conditions.  

Here is how things went down: 

The rallying point was right outside the White House where many organizations and advocates gathered: 


The economic benefits of continuing TPS must be emphasized: 


There were other speakers who made sure their voice was heard: 


The reality is that the United States has played a huge role in destabilizing the Central American region which has prompted more migration to the United States: 


The Biden Administration has ultimate control over this matter and it is time to act now: