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#WeAreHome Day of Action Mobilizes Activists Throughout the Country

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Over the past four years, Americans watched as Donald Trump used fear and racism to divide our country and expand the inhumane immigration detention system, separate migrant children from their parents, shut down the refugee program and dismantle our asylum system. Biden’s campaign took a different tone as he promised to work with the American people, including immigrants and activists, to build a nation where home is truly here and safe for all. 

In November, America rejected Trump and chose Biden’s vision for the country — one where we commit to building a modern and functional immigration system that recognizes the humanity of immigrants, unifies families, and honors our freedom.

On December 15, 2020, immigrant-led organizations and other activists called on President-Elect Joe Biden to recommit to these promises with a wide-spread “day of action” where hundreds of participants mobilized to demand new immigration policies from the incoming administration within the first 100 days. The #WeAreHome campaign’s “day of action” drew large crowds throughout the country and was a huge success in setting a new tone for the administration, one where immigrants and activists will not be ignored.

In response to this campaign, President-Elect Biden made a statement to thank immigrants for stepping up “in the battle for the soul of our nation” and promised that immigrants and activists will always have a “seat at the table.”