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Remain in Mexico

ICYMI: WaPo’s Greg Sargent:“The other humanitarian crisis under Trump, exposed by a new report”

In a column for the Washington Post, Greg Sargent of the Plum Line blog highlights the key findings of a newly-released US Immigration Policy Center report which lays out clearly the ugly and violent consequences of Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy. The report affirms one of the largest criticisms of the policy, which is that … Continue reading »

Bigotry and Hate All in a Day’s Work for Trump and his Administration

The following is a statement from Mario Carillo, Texas Director for America’s Voice, in response to the Trump administration’s particularly grotesque Thursday, during which Donald Trump rallied a crowd in Minnesota using some of his most aggressive anti-refugee (and anti-Rep. Omar) rhetoric to date; a Texas sheriff spewed grotesquely hate-filled rhetoric about immigrants from the … Continue reading »

Trump’s Dangerous and Dehumanizing Rhetoric Reflected in Administration’s Real-World Policies

The dangerous and dehumanizing views of President Trump and his administration toward immigrants and asylum seekers are more than just shocking rhetoric that emboldens real world hate and violence. The views that have come to light about shooting immigrants and erecting barriers to pierce their skin and do them harm are also manifested in the … Continue reading »

Crisis Grows Over “Remain in Mexico” Policy at Border Crossings

As the administration’s inhumane “Remain in Mexico” policy exacerbates the human rights and refugee crisis at the border, articles from the Los Angeles Times, Texas Observer, Univision and USA Today highlight the dangers and frustrations asylum-seekers face as they wait, in some cases for months, for their asylum hearing. In the Los Angeles Times “Mexican … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Must Read Texas Observer Interview with Immigration Judge: “That is Not What America is About”

A must-read interview in the Texas Observer between reporter Gus Bova and Ashley Tabaddor, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, highlights the way the Trump Administration’s Remain in Mexico policies and the absence of attorneys and accountability at the “kangaroo” tent courts in Brownsville and Laredo are subverting due process, endangering lives, and … Continue reading »

Reversing Decades of Policy, Trump Administration Clamps Down on Cubans Seeking Safe Haven and Citizenship in the U.S.

Increasing Deportations, Thousands of Cuban Asylum Seekers Sent Back to Danger in Mexico, Naturalization and “Green Card” Denials, Bureaucratic Hurdles to Obtain Status, Pressuring Other Nations to Block Cuban Asylum Seekers Despite tough talk about the Cuban regime and the harm it continues to inflict on its own citizens, President Trump and his administration have … Continue reading »

“An Un-American Example to the World” – WaPo Editorial Blasts Outsourcing of Cruelty as “Remain in Mexico” Death Toll Mounts

As we have been highlighting throughout the week, there’s an incredible disconnect between the triumphalist spin and lies from the Trump administration about their border and asylum “successes” and the human suffering and loss of life due to the administration’s decisions and policies.  They have deliberately set up a sham asylum process designed to deny … Continue reading »

Stark Contrast on Display: Trump’s False Border Triumphalism vs. Real Lives Endangered By “Return to Mexico” and Sham Asylum Process

The contrast between the Trump administration’s triumphalism and the trauma and pain inflicted by their asylum and border policies is on stark display this week. Yesterday, President Trump went to a section of border fencing near San Diego and held a political photo-op, going so far as to sign a section of the wall with … Continue reading »

A Sham Process Designed to Fail and Endanger Lives – The Consequences of the Trump’s “Kangaroo” Tent Courts and “Remain in Mexico” Policies

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan and the acting heads of CBP, ICE, and USCIS are set to travel today to tent courts along the border in Laredo, TX. We can expect them to claim that the Trump administration’s policies are a success and that the asylum hearings at the tent courts are part of a … Continue reading »

Immigration Experts On “Remain to Mexico” Policy’s Devastating Effects on Border

A recording of the call is available here   Earlier today, immigration experts gathered on a press call to discuss the growing humanitarian crisis in our border exacerbated by the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Asylum seekers, fleeing violence and devastation in their home countries, are being pushed into Mexico and isolated from legal … Continue reading »