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Hundreds of Activists Marched in D.C. to Tell Congress It’s Time to Deliver

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On Wednesday, October 27, hundreds of activists from immigration, climate, and care groups marched to Congress in hopes of sending one clear message to Democrats: it is time to deliver. More specifically, activists were asking Congress to deliver the following in the budget resolution: 

  • Green jobs and infrastructure 
  • Child care and medicare expansion 
  • Citizenship for immigrants 
  • Home care and paid leave

Here is a quick recap of the day: 

Many organizations and activists came together to plan the event:

CASA was one of the organizers of the event and provided live updates, including a Facebook Live video

Gustavo Torres from CASA & Ana Maria Archila from Popular Democracy kicked off the event demanding more from Democrats! 

As always, these issues are intersectional and Patrice Lawrence from UndocuBlack made sure to remind the crowd that immigration is a Black issue as is climate change: 


The rally continued with more strong statements by activists: 

After the rally, individuals marched to Congress. Hundreds of people gathered with signs and chants, and made sure that their voice was heard! 


It is clear that individuals want a pathway to citizenship NOW! And we cannot continue to wait for Democrats any longer. They must do their job and deliver on immigration! 

30 activists were arrested at the scene, emphasizing yet again the gravity of these issues for individuals. Congress must act now! 

We hope that Democrats heard this rallying cry for immigration reform, green jobs, child care & medical care expansion, and home care & leave. It’s about time that they finally deliver.