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NBC/WSJ Poll: Americans Strongly Support Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants

You’ve heard us say many times that when it comes to immigration reform with a path to citizenship: the American people want it, Democrats promised it and Republicans need it. Today, we get conclusive proof from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that the American people — including Republicans — do want citizenship for the … Continue reading »

Ted Hesson Outlines Four Problems With Overly Long Pathway To Citizenship

This next few days will be pivotal in the effort to reform immigration. There’s a major rally in front of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, April 10. And we’re expecting to see actual legislation soon–with language from both the House and Senate that includes a path to citizenship. But Ted Hesson at ABC News/Univision notes, “the path … Continue reading »

Rubio e inmigración: o con Dios o con el Diablo

WASHINGTON, DC –  En el tema de la reforma migratoria, el senador republicano de Florida, Marco Rubio, tiene un problema: quiere quedar bien con Dios y con el Diablo. Este fin de semana Rubio dijo que era “prematuro” declarar que había un acuerdo entre los sectores sindical y empresarial sobre un plan de trabajadores temporales … Continue reading »

Jeb Bush is Back: On Board With Immigration Reform That Includes Path To Citizenship (Again)

The past seven days have been quite a ride for Jeb Bush. He began the week by recanting his earlier support for immigration reform with  a path to citizenship.  That’s because Jeb wrote a book last year when it didn’t seem like a path to citizenship would be the mainstream Republican position. But, the 2012 … Continue reading »

Senator Patrick Leahy on CNN: "The Time Is Now" To Pass Immigration Reform With Citizenship

This weekend, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and one of the key players in the effort to pass immigration reform, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union. He expressed hope that a reform bill can be passed, noting “The time is now.”  Chairman Leahy is a longtime immigration reform champion … Continue reading »

Senator Durbin: “I’d Be Naive if I Didn’t Think Pressure From the Left Helps Us at the Bargaining Table"

This afternoon the Washington Post published an article “Immigrants, advocates grow impatient with Obama on pace of changes to laws“, which explores the frustration immigration advocates have for the Administration’s record-breaking deportations.  From the article: The anger at President Obama’s deportation polices among some of his otherwise most ardent allies could pose a surprising complication … Continue reading »

At Colorado Town Hall, Sen. Bennet Hears from Marine Vet Whose Mom Was Deported

The buzz in news this week involves a recent John McCain town hall event in Arizona, where he was heckled by anti-immigrant opponents shouting about stopping immigrants with guns and expressing beliefs that all immigrants are on welfare (actually, they’re not eligible). In contrast to the extremism in Arizona, we want to share this video from a Sen. Mike Bennet (D-CO) town … Continue reading »