The Administration Should Stop Deporting People Who Would Qualify For Immigration Status under Pending Legislation Washington, DC—The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just announced that the federal government deported 368,644 immigrants in the past fiscal year. While this represents a reduction from the previous year, it remains true that the Obama Administration has ramped up… Continue »

Big development in New Jersey today. Congrats to the DREAMers who made it happen. From  Students who grew up in New Jersey but are in the country illegally will soon be able to pay in-state tuition at its public colleges and universities. After weeks of feuding between Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Democrats who… Continue »

Last month, we kicked off the “Do Your Jobs” campaign to remind Congress of all the immigrants who will be working hard to produce our food and drink this holiday season.  Throughout the rest of the year, we will be profiling immigrant workers like Fidel (below), who work every day to contribute to our country. … Continue »

New America’s Voice Blog Posts Recap Highlight Moments and Best Pictures from 2013 Washington, DC – 2013 was a big year for immigration reform. Over the last year, a deep and diverse coalition has come together to fight for immigration legislation that would create a new roadmap to citizenship for 11 million undocumented Americans.  Our movement has… Continue »

A picture is worth a thousand words–and we have so many pictures from 2013 that help illustrate the breadth and depth of the fight for immigration reform this year.  We’ve pulled together a list of our very favorite pictures here.  For a preview, see below: Also read our wrap-up of the year in review, here.… Continue »

Despite thousands of petitions and an all-night vigil to try and stop his deportation, Ardany Rosales Lemus–a father of two US-citizen children–was deported early today. An statement released by ICE suggested that the agency might have been able to exercise prosecutorial discretion on Ardany’s case, but chose not to.  As the statement said: After conducting a… Continue »

First in Two Part Series: How the Immigration Movement Gained Strength in 2013 and Will Come Back Stronger in 2014 The movement in support of immigration reform has been growing in size and strength all year, capped by a strong show of moral force at the US Capitol yesterday.  Over one-thousand advocates and immigration supporters… Continue »

Republicans this year gave Steve King a vote to deport DREAMers, locked pro-reform advocates out of their offices and refused to engage with them, and stalled on immigration reform even though they had the time and have the votes to pass legislation. Meanwhile, House Democrats have introduced their version of the Senate immigration bill, which has been co-sponsored by more than… Continue »

In a new analysis in the New York Times, Julia Preston captures how the immigration reform movement has emerged as a relentless force that is prepared to hold all parties accountable in 2014. As Preston writes in the New York Times: An immigration overhaul has seemed close to death in the House more than once… Continue »

Also view our year in pictures, here. It has been an amazing year in immigration reform. Over the last year, a deep and diverse coalition has come together to fight for immigration reform–a piece of legislation that could bring 11 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows, stop the separation of families, and repair the nation’s… Continue »