Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation is taking one big step away from Jason Richwine…and one step closer to embracing a reasonable immigration policy? The Heritage Foundation — now infamous for an episode last year where they released a report co-authored by a guy who believes Hispanics have lower IQs than whites —... Continue »
Today, on the Senate floor, we saw something we hadn’t seen yet in the immigration debate: A Senator actually invoked the Heritage Foundation’s infamous anti-immigrant report. Sure, Rep. Steve King has cited the report, but he’s so extreme we’d expect it from him. But Utah’s Mike Lee seemed unfazed by the controversy... Continue »
Today, one of the leading anti-immigrant voices in the country, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), hosted a press conference to rail against the Senate’s immigration reform bill. In its coverage of the event, Buzzfeed reported a “Small Turnout For Anti-“Amnesty” Leaders In Congress.” If you’re so inclined, watch the presser here. We heard... Continue »
UPDATE: Here’s Jamelle Bouie at the Washington Post today, writing about this story and how it relates to immigration reform: Pantoja’s departure from the Republican Party is instructive. Not only does it illustrate the dynamic of the last four years — where Latino voters responded to negative Republican rhetoric... Continue »
Last week, Jason Richwine, who co-authored the deeply flawed report on the costs of immigration reform the Heritage Foundation, made big news when we learned that his 2009 dissertation was on IQ and immigration and included this: No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but... Continue »
We’ve written several times about the growing scandal swirling around the Heritage Foundation, its deeply flawed immigration report and the disturbing views of Jason Richwine, one of the study’s authors. Perhaps most interesting is the potential for the Heritage story to taint other “think tanks” whose “scholars” also hold... Continue »
As the mark-up of the Senate immigration begins in the Judiciary Committee tomorrow, advocates for reform got some very significant news today on the economic benefits of the bill. Via the WSJ’s Washington Wire: The Senate immigration bill will help improve Social Security’s long-term solvency and reduce the number... Continue »