It’s Hispanic Heritage month, and one faction of the House GOP is busy putting out videos trying to cover up the fact that it has taken no action on immigration reform legislation that would help the 11 million.  A second faction is waving the “hell, no!” flag and is trying... Continue »
While advocates of immigration reform have been bringing the heat this August, rallying in key districts all over the country for immigration reform and citizenship, apparently our opponents on the other side are having trouble turning out enough of an opposition to make their case.  We’ve been seeing low... Continue »
Momentum is building for immigration reform. More than 100 top GOP donors signed a letter to Republican lawmakers this week, asking them to pass immigration reform that addresses the 11 million.  House Republicans are coming out in support of citizenship. But Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who fancies himself the... Continue »
Jeff Sessions did it again! Even though the Senate immigration bill passed last month in a 68-32 bipartisan vote, Sen. Jeff Sessions still LOVES slamming the bill as a 1000-page deadweight supported only by special interests. “We’ve heard from a lot of different special interest groups about what an... Continue »
Today, immigration reform opponents are gathering in DC for the so-called “March for Jobs,” an event hosted the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA).  Featuring the likes of Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Steve King, Mo Brooks, and Allen West–and promoted by NumbersUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies–the event promises to... Continue »
When most of us think about Alabama and immigration, we think about Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Rep. Mo Brooks, State Senator Scott Beason and, of course, the viciously anti-immigrant law, HB 56, which Beason authored. But over the past several weeks, a very powerful pro-immigrant voice from Alabama has made himself heard: Rep.... Continue »
Hundreds of immigrants, DREAMers, and their families rallied outside the Capitol today for immigration reform, telling stories about their deported family members, giving voice to fears that they might be removed from the only country they’ve ever called home, and asking Congress to do the right thing by 11... Continue »
Tomorrow, House Republicans are gathering together for a closed-door, no-press meeting on immigration, where it is fully expected that anti-immigrant zealots like Steve King will try to rant the captive audience into opposing immigration reform. We’d like to be a fly on that wall, but it’s probably not even... Continue »
Yesterday, the Senate voted on the Corker/Hoeven “border surge” amendment.  As our Executive Director Frank Sharry noted:  The Corker-Hoeven border security amendment is terrible public policy and a bitter pill to swallow.  It would waste billions of dollars on useless border fencing and an excessive number of border patrol agents,... Continue »
We’ve been writing about Kris Kobach for a long time.  Kobach is (by day) the Kansas Secretary of State.  But by night (and, apparently, also by day), he’s the architect who wrote the extremely anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Alabama.  He was Mitt Romney’s immigration adviser and a chief... Continue »