Rosa Elena Sánchez says that she and her husband Everk “were meant to be together.” But without action from the Biden administration, their life together is uncertain. Their story is featured in a new digital ad highlighting the urgent need for the president to act on relief for... Continue »
In the ongoing celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month, members of Congress, including Reps. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA), Nydia Velázquez (D-NY), and Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) took to the House floor this week to uplift the stories of immigrant constituents, highlight their contributions to their communities, and urge the Biden administration to... Continue »
Dozens of bipartisan mayors and county executives from coast to coast have added their voices to calls urging the Biden administration to expand work permits for long-settled undocumented immigrants, including individuals married to U.S. citizens, Dreamers unable to apply for DACA, and others who’ve called America their home for... Continue »
Republican battleground Members, particularly those representing heavily-Latino districts, must be forced to be on the record if they support the targeting of their communities for mass round-ups    The Biden campaign marked the sixth anniversary of the Trump administration’s official announcement that it would be the official policy of... Continue »
Eight Florida farmworkers were killed following a catastrophic collision near Dunnellon this week. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the deceased were among 53 farmworkers who were off to start the day’s work at a family-owned peanut and watermelon farm when their bus was struck by a truck that... Continue »
Should the Biden administration use its authority under law to expand work permits and deportation protections to a larger number of long-settled immigrants, this relief will improve the lives of millions of U.S. citizen children as well.  Research from estimates that roughly 900,000 U.S. citizen children live with... Continue »
Washington, DC — The scope of Donald Trump’s second-term immigration vision is sweeping and would be devastating – not just for immigrants but also for the rest of the nation and its economy and key industries. It would deal a blow to economic vitality, community safety, and core American... Continue »
Iowa’s copycat anti-immigrant law was hit with two major lawsuits late last week. On Thursday, civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against S.F. 2340, which was signed by GOP Governor Kim Reynolds on April 10 and is being described by the groups as unconstitutional and “one of the worst,... Continue »
Ahead of this upcoming International Workers’ Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of workers and the labor movement, we recognize and honor the laborers – millions of whom are immigrants – who are critical to our everyday lives and national economy through their work caring for our loved... Continue »
Trump’s Businesses and His Family Use Immigration Pathways and Also Have a Long History of Hiring and Exploiting Undocumented Workers He’s Demonized for Political Gain Indicted former President Donald Trump seeks to impose “unprecedented restrictions” on legal immigration if he returns to power in January 2025 – except, it... Continue »