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Immigrants and the Military

Honorable Military Service Doesn’t Protect Immigrants From Trump Deportation or Expulsion, GAO Report Reveals Increased Deportations

UPDATE:  House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Mark Takano (CA-41) and Rep. Juan Vargas (CA-51) sent a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) demanding answers to the General Accountability Office’s (GAO) finding that ICE is deporting veterans in violation of policy. Families are Affected, Too Yesterday, the Military Times described a recent General Accountability Office … Continue reading »

Land Seizures, Military Construction, Marine Corps Readiness: The High Cost of Trump’s Wall

Tuesday House Override Vote on Emergency Declaration Another Chance for GOP Lawmakers to get on the Right Side of History and the Constitution Tomorrow, the House of Representatives is again scheduled to vote on the resolution to block President Trump’s emergency declaration, this time giving lawmakers the chance to go on record with whether to … Continue reading »

Collateral Damage Grows While Trump and GOP Maintain Their Manufactured “National Emergency” Border Crisis

The true cost of President Trump’s national emergency declaration continues to grow. Molly O’Toole from the Los Angeles Times reports on the national security implications of stripping money from the military, focusing on funding for crucial Marine Corps training across the globe. In addition, Paul Sonne and Erica Werner of the Washington Post write on … Continue reading »

Consequences of GOP Support for Trump’s So-Called National Emergency: Wall Funding “May Come at Expense of Schools for Military Kids”

As we’ve been pointing out, outrage continues to grow towards GOP Senators who decided to stand with President Trump on the “emergency” declaration and against the Constitution. Yesterday, we highlighted how the federal government is advancing towards the Texas land seizures necessary for wall construction and the continued focus on the state and local impact … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Trump Declares National Emergency in ‘Slap in the Face to Military Families’” – Foreign Policy

In the wake of Trump’s national emergency declaration, Lara Seligman’s latest piece for Foreign Policy spotlights how the administration will drain billions of dollars from military funding for the construction of an increasingly unpopular border wall. The President’s declaration came just days after military families testified at a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing on “the … Continue reading »

Trump is Failing at the Border Because His Strategy Is Simplistic and Wrong-headed

A Complex Situation Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach As a federal judge in San Francisco blocks the Trump administration’s asylum ban and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen lies that migrants are rushing the border, it is time for America to deal realistically and responsibly to the challenge of refugees and migrants leaving Central America. According to Frank … Continue reading »

Veterans and National Security Experts Call on Administration to Bring Troops Home from the Border

A recording of the call is available here. Earlier today veterans and national security experts gathered on a press call to call on the Trump administration to bring our troops home from their deployment at the border. Below are quotes from today’s speakers Retired Major General, Peter S. Cooke: I don’t think that it should … Continue reading »

Retired General and Flag Officers Sign Letter in Opposition to Housing Immigrants and Asylum Seekers on Military Bases

The Department of Defense is currently in the process of preparing to shelter as many as 20,000 immigrants and asylum seekers, including children, on a military bases in Texas and Arkansas. In opposition, nearly two dozen retired General and Flag Officers signed a letter expressing serious concern that diverting critical military resources to house thousands … Continue reading »

On Week of July 4th, Trump Immigration Crackdown Targets the Most Patriotic Among Us

Trump Administration Launches Purge: 1) to Denaturalize Americans Who Have Sworn Allegiance to the Flag, and 2) to Discharge Immigrants from Military Who Are Prepared to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice It’s long been clear that President Trump rails against the specter of immigrant criminality to justify indiscriminate and sweeping cruelty towards immigrants. But their latest … Continue reading »

New Report: We Should Better Serve Immigrant Vets, Protect Them from Deportation

Donald Trump’s deportation crackdown has, in the last year, spared few. Mothers and fathers have been deported, as have business leaders, entrepreneurs, Dreamers — and veterans. As we wrote in our Faces of Deportation in 2017 blog: Three percent – more than 500,000 – of the nearly 19 million U.S. veterans are foreign-born. Under the Trump … Continue reading »