“My husband tortured me,” she said simply. She said he regularly choked her until she passed out. He would cut himself and make her drink his blood. She showed me the fingers he had broken. She raised her blue uniform to reveal two letters — the first two of... Continue »
After enormous public and political pressure, President Trump issued an executive order (E.O.) that purportedly put an end to family separation. However, since that E.O. was signed three weeks ago, only a few families separated by the Trump Administration have been reunited, even families with infants and toddlers and... Continue »
Yet Trump administration warns of more family separation and family detention The Trump administration suffered another defeat at the hands of a federal judge, a decision that should pave the way for asylum-seekers and their children to be released into the community, into alternatives to detention projects that have... Continue »
It’s increasingly clear that the Trump administration is unable and unwilling to meet a Tuesday deadline, imposed by a federal judge appointed by George W. Bush, to reunite 102 children younger than 5 years old who remain separated from their parents. Not long ago, Trump administration officials reassured Congress... Continue »
Over the past week, the Trump administration continued its efforts to dismantle immigration and refugee programs that reflect long-held American values. The policy changes, summarized below, include a draft regulation that makes it more difficult for those fleeing violence and persecution to apply for refugee status; an overhaul of... Continue »
Trump Administration Launches Purge: 1) to Denaturalize Americans Who Have Sworn Allegiance to the Flag, and 2) to Discharge Immigrants from Military Who Are Prepared to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice It’s long been clear that President Trump rails against the specter of immigrant criminality to justify indiscriminate and sweeping... Continue »
This past weekend, hundreds of thousands of Americans turned out in both big cities and small towns to protest the Trump administration’s cruel family separation policy (see detailed recap and photos of this weekend’s activities here). Yet the Trump administration is dragging their feet and refusing to abide by... Continue »
Yesterday, a federal judge in Chicago, Manish Shah, ruled that the Trump administration should stop making excuses and start reunifying families – in the case at hand, the mother Lydia Souza and her 9-year old son Diego. As the New York Times wrote: Noting in his ruling that there... Continue »
The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, in response to today’s decision by the Supreme Court to uphold President Trump’s Muslim ban. We are deeply disappointed with today’s Supreme Court decision. Let’s not kid ourselves. This is a Muslim ban. It... Continue »
The volume of coverage, pace of developments, and mountains of purposeful misinformation from the Trump administration can make it hard to focus on the essential facts of the family separation crisis:   More than 2,000 seized children are locked up. The Trump administration has no serious plan to reunite... Continue »