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Trump Winery Fires Undocumented Workers — AFTER Harvest Season

Gabe Ortiz: “The fact that impeached president Donald Trump demonizes immigrants in front of cameras while exploiting their labor behind the scenes should be one of the biggest scandals of this administration” Recent stories in the Washington Post and Univision (see here and here) add new details to the story of the Trump business empire’s … Continue reading »

How Two Housekeepers Took on the President

Washington Post looks back on a year of courage, revelations and controversy The Washington Post yesterday published a look back at a year’s worth of coverage regarding the Trump business empire’s reliance and exploitation of undocumented workers. The story, written by Joshua Partlow and David Fahrenthold, reveals the incredible bravery of the workers who decided … Continue reading »

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Highlights Trump’s Abuse of Undocumented Workers

Lawyer: “Donald Trump and the Trump organization are running and engaging in a multi-state criminal conspiracy” In a segment titled, “The Well-Documented Case of Trump’s Undocumented Employees” on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, former undocumented employees of the Trump Organization bravely speak out about the abuses they experienced working for President Trump and his family.  … Continue reading »

Why Do Exploitative Employers Like Trump and the Mississippi Plant Operators Get Off Scot-free While Immigrant Workers Have Their Families and Lives Ripped Apart?

Latest WaPo Story Continues to Reveal Depths of Trump’s Hypocrisy In the aftermath of the Mississippi family separation raids, a key question emerges: why is ICE arresting the immigrant workers and ripping their families apart but doing nothing to hold their employers accountable? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that as an … Continue reading »

Undocumented Workers Request Meeting With White House, Trump Plays Dumb on Hiring Practices

Trump Hypocrisy on Full Display Last week, former undocumented employees of various Trump businesses who bravely came forward about the hypocrisy of Trump and his administration, penned a letter to request a meeting with the President to discuss immigration reform. In response, President Trump continues to deny any knowledge of his organizations hiring practices responding … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Launches Ad Campaign While Trump Rallies On Hypocrisy and Failing Immigration Policies

“Trump doesn’t hate immigrants when he’s making money off of them.” In a new series of radio and digital ad campaigns running in Florida, America’s Voice sheds light on Trump’s hypocrisy as he kicks off his 2020 campaign by rallying behind the fear mongering and failing policies that are causing chaos at our borders, deaths … Continue reading »

Two Undocumented Chefs Cooked for the President at His Golf Course, Now They’re Unemployed

In a new video segment, Univision’s Peggy Carranza interviews Juan Espinosa and Abelardo Montes, two former chefs for President Trump. The pair worked for seven years in his Colts Neck, New Jersey Golf Course and explain that, similar to other Trump properties, their supervisors knew they were undocumented. Both of the employees were fired last … Continue reading »

New Washington Post Stories: “Trump reaped the financial benefits of using undocumented employees — an ability to pay his employees lower wages and fewer benefits — while reaping the political benefits of attacking it.”

Frank Sharry: “Another Trump Cover Up Underway” News alert: President Trump demonizes and dehumanizes undocumented immigrants as a politician at the same time uses and abuses them as a businessman. Joshua Partlow and David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post report that, following a series of high-profile reports drawing attention to the fact that Trump businesses … Continue reading »

Major CNN Report on Undocumented Workers Hired by Trump Underscores Trump Hypocrisy – Again

Rather Than the Limp Immigration “Plan” Pushed by Trump and Kushner, Let’s Legalize Undocumented Workers, Level the Playing Field for all Workers and Decent Employers, and Hold Unscrupulous Employers like Trump Accountable On Friday night, CNN’s Randi Kaye of Anderson Cooper 360 aired a town hall with 19 of the many undocumented workers exploited by … Continue reading »