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divide and distract 2018

Trump’s Immigration Policy Has Failed. Instead of Changing it, He’s Exploiting It for Political Gain

Blatant Lies and Racism Central to His Divide and Distract Strategy President Trump’s closing argument for the midterms is clear: lie, stoke fear, and whip up a race-baiting frenzy over border security, immigration and a caravan of Central Americans seeking safety and opportunity. It’s almost as if he’s a bystander and a carnival barker who … Continue reading »

GOP Divide and Distract Ads 2018: In-State Tuition Edition

In-state tuition for undocumented students is popular and makes sense. But Republicans candidates this year are attacking the program anyway Accessing affordable higher education and mounting student debt are real issues for many voters in the 2018 midterm elections. However, many Republican ads are not proposing new solutions to address the problem — instead, they … Continue reading »

Daily Kos: “Reeling on health care, Republicans double down on anti-immigrant racism”

As we inch closer to midterms, Daily Kos’ Kerry Eleveld brilliantly captures the moment: Trump wants to distract from the Republicans’ attempts to gut health care coverage and give tax breaks with his racist rants that demonize immigrants in search of safety. This divide-and-distract strategy is not just about juicing his base, it’s about dominating … Continue reading »

Cookie-Cutter Racism: There Are So Many GOP Candidates Running Race-Baiting Ads, They’re Copying Each Other

In May, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller told Breitbart that attacking immigrants was going to be the main focus of Republicans running in this fall’s elections, and boy did GOP candidates deliver. As we’ve been tracking at our new website, dozens of Republicans across the country have embrace an anti-immigrant, divisive message that … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “Trump’s strategy is clear: stoke fear of immigrants, demand official cruelty, and cynically exploit divisions to score political points”

“It’s a searing indictment of his presidency that he’s tougher on vulnerable brown people that seek safety than autocratic regimes that kill their opponents” With President Trump’s Twitter feed once more consumed with anti-immigrant fear-mongering, the following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: Just in time for the homestretch of … Continue reading »

The Guardian: “Republican attack ads echo Trump’s anti-immigration message to whip up fear among supporters”

In a piece for The Guardian, Sabrina Siddiqui captures the  Republican party’s attack ad strategy: mimic Trump, stoke fear of immigrants; attack Democrats for standing up for immigrants; and sow divisions.   The piece is excerpted below and available in full here. The outline of a child skips across the sidewalk as the narrator of … Continue reading »

Latest Examples of the GOP Immigration Attack Ads

A recent CNN analysis by Catherine Shoichet finds that more than $150 million has been spent on immigration attack ads this year – up fivefold over 2014. America’s Voice is tracking these anti-immigrant attack ads and featuring some of the ugliest examples at the new America’s Voice “Divide and Distract” website, which includes a searchable … Continue reading »

GOP Anti-Immigrant Attack Ads Up Fivefold Since 2014

Despite the Millions, the List of Races Where Ugly Ads Are Not Working Grows A new CNN analysis by Catherine Shoichet captures the scope and specifics of the Republican barrage of ugly immigration ads this cycle: The Trump administration’s sweeping efforts to crack down on immigration aren’t on the ballot November 6. But in the … Continue reading »

Election 2018: Donald Trump’s Divide and Distract Tour

Over the last few weeks, Donald Trump has been traveling the country to reinforce the GOP’s divide and distract strategy and campaign for some of the worst anti-immigrant candidates running in 2018. Crafted with the help of Stephen Miller, the divide and distract strategy has been promoting cynical political tactics that scapegoat immigrants in order … Continue reading »

Sen. Ted Cruz Ignores Rio Grande Valley Residents (Again)

By declining to participate in CNN town hall in McAllen, Ted Cruz neglects border community who has asked for town hall before MCALLEN – As reported yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz has declined an invitation from CNN to be a part of a town hall in which Rep. Beto O’Rourke has already agreed to in McAllen … Continue reading »