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On Immigration, Republicans are Borderline Crazy While Democrats Move Forward with Sensible Solutions

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Republicans are stoking fear and hatred while Democrats have a plan, are taking action, and are making progress

Washington, DC – Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is grabbing headlines off his announcement that he will divert funds from disaster relief – and seek private donations – to build more border wall in Texas. This is part of a concerted effort by Abbott, other Republicans in Texas, Republican Governors, and GOP Members of Congress to escalate their rhetoric and stage stunts to keep the media focused on the border – to the exclusion of other immigration issues and to the exclusion of kitchen table issues of priority to voters.

Republicans – and too many in the media – are trying to reduce the immigration issue down to a fierce focus over whether and when President Biden or Vice President Harris will travel to the border for their own photo-op. Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida is even threatening to hold up Biden’s Homeland Security nominees until Biden stages such a photo-op. 

These are not serious people. 

As Abbott tries to turn Texas into the new Arizona – ground zero in the national immigration debate – he does so not because he cares about the issue as much as he’s desperate to remain in office. This is the essential context for understanding his actions. 

“This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” Words from the white terrorist from Allen, TX when he drove to El Paso to massacre immigrants and Mexicans. You’re on notice @DanPatrick. You, too @GregAbbott_TX If people die again, blood will be on your hands.”

All of this political gamesmanship and reckless fear mongering is in sharp contrast to the actual substance of the immigration debate being driven by President Biden and the Democrats. Just this week, Democrats have made major announcements that show how they are making progress in undoing the cruelty of Trump and his party to put in place a clear plan to address migration issues at the border and beyond. Consider these developments:

According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice:

Up and down the ranks of its officeholders, the increasingly radical GOP has become borderline crazy. They are descending down a rabbit hole and trying to take the immigration debate down with them. They want to boil the whole issue of migration down to whether Biden or Harris pose for photos in Texas. 

But, let’s be honest, the GOP’s borderline obsession is all they have when it comes to immigration. They see Democrats solving problems and are desperate to change the subject back to ‘scary brown and black people coming to take or kill.’ After all, this is the GOP’s overarching message and not just on immigration. 

Especially in Texas, Republicans also have learned nothing from the murderous white nationalist attack on El Paso. Once again, they are using the language of ‘invasion’ that is straight from the shooter’s manifesto. Republicans can’t plead ignorance. Their dangerous words can have violent consequences. They just don’t seem to care.

Meanwhile, the American people have been clear that they want action, compassion, citizenship for immigrants and an end to the hollow politics of division for division’s sake. Democrats are making progress as part of a clear plan of action to turn the page on Trump’s chaos and cruelty and deliver solutions for the American people. And Republicans hate that.