Con la paliza que sufrieron en el estado de Virginia este martes, los demócratas parecen no entender que no basta con asustar a los votantes con el espectro de Donald Trump, sino que hay que producir resultados para los diversos sectores que los apoyan. Esto, porque no solo de promesas viven los electores. Es una… Continue »

“Instamos al liderazgo de la Cámara de Representantes a mantenerse firme contra aquellos que podrían tratar de debilitar esas reformas o imponer restricciones adicionales” Washington, DC – A continuación compartimos este comunicado del Director Ejecutivo de America’s Voice, Frank Sharry, en relación con las cláusulas de la reforma migratoria incluidas en el proyecto de ley… Continue »

“We urge House leadership to hold a firm line against those who might seek to weaken these reforms or impose additional restrictions”   The following is a statement from America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry regarding the immigration reform provisions of the House BBB bill. The House of Representatives has published the Build Back Better… Continue »

“Enough already with the drama and delays. It’s time for Democrats to deliver on their promises. Modernizing our immigration system is one of them.” Washington, DC – As a whirlwind of hot takes and bad exit polls swirl, we can all agree on one thing: Democrats’ political prospects will be improved if and when they… Continue »

On Wednesday, October 27, hundreds of activists from immigration, climate, and care groups marched to Congress in hopes of sending one clear message to Democrats: it is time to deliver. More specifically, activists were asking Congress to deliver the following in the budget resolution:  Green jobs and infrastructure  Child care and medicare expansion  Citizenship for… Continue »

Immigration reform is essential for immigrant families and our economy   Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), a longtime champion of immigration reform, said this on CNN yesterday:  11 million undocumented people live in this country and contribute to our economy. They deserve to live and work here without fear. It’s been 30-plus years since Congress passed… Continue »

Democrats have to keep their promises Washington, DC – Immigration reform is back in the news. The demand for legislative action this year continues to grow. It’s up to Democrats to use their majority to deliver for people who are Americans in all but paperwork. The Washington Post has an excellent profile of Senator Alex… Continue »

Senator Menendez, Latino leaders, Harry Reid and Democratic voters call for immigration reform this year, no excuses   Key voices are affirming the importance of delivering immigration relief to millions this year: Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ): At an Axios virtual event yesterday, Senator Menendez reiterated his commitment to delivering on immigration this year. He expressed… Continue »

With Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, Americans expect Democrats to deliver on just immigration policies, Senator Harry Reid argues in a recent piece in The Hill.  The former Senate Majority Leader notes that his 2010 reelection proved that Democrats can fight and win on immigration. In that race, he took on a rabidly… Continue »

The proposal to grant only work permits and protection from deportation to some seven to eight million undocumented immigrants is the most recent alternative that the Democrats are trying to include in the Senate’s budget reconciliation, after the rejection of measures that contain a path to citizenship by the body’s own Parlamentarian. This new hope… Continue »