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Donald Trump's recent immigration executive orders unleashed the worst political humanitarian crisis in recent US history. Here's how we're fighting back.

ICYMI: Washington Post: With three months left in medical school, her career may be slipping away.

“That’s my dream: to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I hope I can do it.” A Washington Post piece masterfully captures the all-too-familiar combination of “dreams and disbelief” that so many high-achieving DACAmented students face as Republicans in Congress and the White House continue to block passage of a bipartisan solution. Maria Sacchetti’s in-depth piece sets the … Continue reading »

Calling out Trump and GOP’s Immigration Blame Game and Larger Motivations

President Trump and Republican allies are already seeking to set up a blame game and point the finger at Democrats, should Congress not deliver on an urgent solution to the Dreamer crisis Trump created. That’s patently ridiculous, of course, as sharp analyses from Ezra Klein, James Hohmann, Greg Sargent, and Dana Milbank make clear. President … Continue reading »

TPS Holders Facing Deportation Make Their Voices Heard Across Country, Demand Congressional Action

A series of media reports highlight the urgency people feel across the country to call on lawmakers to prioritize and protect Temporary Protected Status (TPS) by enacting a permanent legislative solution for 300,000+ TPS holders nationwide facing deportation. Advocates in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and California are urging Congress not to lose sight of TPS holders now facing deportation in the … Continue reading »

Juan Escalante and Frank Sharry on the Drive to Protect Dreamers

Following the early morning passage and signing of a spending bill that does not resolve Dreamers’ urgent crisis and ahead of a promised Senate immigration debate next week, the following are assessments and reactions from Juan Escalante, Communications Manager of America’s Voice and a DACA recipient, as well as Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “Vote for Dreamers. Stand up for what’s right. Vote no on this spending bill.”

Ahead of today’s impending votes in both chambers of Congress on a negotiated spending bill, below is our vote recommendation: There are some 800,000 reasons why members of Congress who claim to stand with Dreamers should vote “no” on the spending bill to be voted on today. President Trump created this crisis, but only Congress … Continue reading »

Will Mitch McConnell Keep His Word? Will McConnell Allow a Fair Process and a Level Playing Field as Promised?

We should not be surprised that President Trump has undermined serious efforts to solve the Dreamers’ crisis he created. But that doesn’t absolve Congress from doing its job and protecting the Dreamers before they are exposed to deportation. After rejecting bipartisan deals three times in the last five months, Trump and the White House are now pushing … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “We Need a Breakthrough, Not a Blame Game”

President Trump spent most of yesterday pressuring Congress to embrace his immigration plan and trash-talking Democratic leaders for rejecting it. On Twitter, he wrote, “We have a great chance to make a deal or, blame the Dems!” The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in reaction: We need a breakthrough, … Continue reading »

TONIGHT’S SOTU: TPS Holders Attend Trump’s First State of the Union as Guests of Senators and House Members

In just a few hours, Trump will address the nation in his first State of the Union, summarizing what he constitutes as his ‘successes’ over the course of the last year.  The nation and an audience comprised of TPS holders, Dreamers, and relatives of deported or detained immigrants, who will attend as guests of members … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Chamber calls on Congress to pass a bill to protect TPS holders and Dreamers

Yesterday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published a blog urging Congress to prioritize smart immigration reform that ensures more than 1 million individuals who are currently allowed to work here legally can stay in the United States (200,000 TPS holders, 30,000 spouses of high-skilled visa holders, and 690,000 Dreamers). Relevant excerpted coverage follows, and the blog in … Continue reading »