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Border Security

Trump Administration Border Policy is a Failure

“The Administration wants a blank check from the Congress to address the border, but their incompetence and their laserlike focus on the wrong strategies – especially the President’s border wall – are just exacerbating problems and fomenting chaos,” Pili Tobar For the past several weeks, the Trump Administration has been engaged in a public relations … Continue reading »

Trump’s Failed Response and Contributing Actions Have Led to a Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

There are Smart and Humane Solutions The Trump administration has expressed no qualms with spending more than $200 million to deploy the National Guard and the U.S. military to the border, where tear gas was used, even on children.  It has also used Presidential and agency resources to develop and defend an unlawful regulation to … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “The US doesn’t have to choose between protecting the border and treating immigrants humanely”

In a new article for Quartz, Annabelle Timsit cuts through the administration’s balderdash and outlines an achievable path to both protect our border and treat immigrants humanely. Timsit recommends four key steps: Find alternatives to putting asylum-seekers in detention; Expand access to legal aid and immigration judges; Widen the scope of those who qualify for … Continue reading »

Five Ways President Trump Manufactured the Chaos and Crisis at the Border

Trump’s Election Mode of Divide and Distract Continues Unabated The chaos we are witnessing at the border is directly attributable to the choices of the Trump White House to dismantle proven approaches and processes and to stoke fears and escalate a crisis. While Trump and company may view the lawlessness and disorder on display as … Continue reading »

PHOTOS: Over Thanksgiving, Border Patrol Agents Tear-Gassed Children and Families at the Border

‘These children are barefoot. In diapers. Choking on tear gas,’ read one headline in the Washington Post by Tim Elfrink and Fred Barbash. Over Thanksgiving weekend, U.S. CBP agents fired tear gas at a group of migrants — including many small children and babies — seeking asylum in the U.S. “Babies are scared and crying,” … Continue reading »

Trump’s Manufactured Border Crisis a Symptom of a Failed Policy

President Trump and his advisors see fear-mongering over the caravan and border security as a way to change the news cycle, benefit politically, and to justify even more sweeping and radical policy changes. But there’s no escaping the fact that his hardline deterrence approach has failed and is doomed to keep failing. His manufactured crisis … Continue reading »

Trump is Failing at the Border Because His Strategy Is Simplistic and Wrong-headed

A Complex Situation Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach As a federal judge in San Francisco blocks the Trump administration’s asylum ban and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen lies that migrants are rushing the border, it is time for America to deal realistically and responsibly to the challenge of refugees and migrants leaving Central America. According to Frank … Continue reading »

Dos semanas después de declarar lo contrario, la Secretaria de Seguridad Nacional se une al Fiscal General para separar a niños de sus padres y conseguir así un dudoso intento de disuasión

Tal Kopan, de CNN, informó ayer que la Secretaria de Seguridad Nacional, Kirstjen Nielsen, adoptó una política pública que requerirá que la Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (CBP) “refiera a toda persona (incluyendo a quienes buscan asilo) que sea capturada cruzando la frontera sin documentos, a fin de ser procesada, una práctica que resultaría en la … Continue reading »

When People Fleeing Abuse Legally Seek Humanitarian Protection at US Borders, The Administration Should Properly Apply the Law and Not Refuse to Administer It

The New York Times reports that around 200 people, mostly women and children fleeing violence, have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border after a very long and very public journey to seek protection from violent situations in their home countries. Kirk Semple and Miriam Jordan report, “A long, grueling journey gave way to what could be a long, uncertain … Continue reading »