A California congresswoman Thursday called for an investigation into “misconduct, including possible violations of criminal law,” by federal immigration officials who misled local governments about a sweeping enforcement program that purported to prioritize violent convicted criminals for deportation.

Mexican children illegally crossing the border alone remain vulnerable to drug cartels, gangs and other dangers because a 2-year-old law designed to protect them is not being executed well, advocates from the U.S. and Mexico said in a report released Wednesday.

Law enforcement leaders from border states are warning states like Indiana not to take on illegal immigration laws like Arizona. Members of the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative say such laws will do more harm than good. Austin, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo says now is not a time for law enforcement to take on additional responsibilities when resources are becoming scarce.

One year after Arizona’s infamous SB 1070 immigration bill was signed into law, chief architects Governor Jan Brewer and Senate President Russell Pearce are convinced their legislation is an unqualified success. Pearce told the East Valley Tribune last week: “They’re leaving in caravans,” he said of illegal immigrants. “I’ve talked to a U-Haul dealer.”

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Monday acknowledged a storm of criticism from lawmakers and immigration-rights supporters over a federal effort targeting criminal immigrants, saying there has been confusion over whether local communities can choose not to participate in the program known as Secure Communities.

Four Montgomery County Council members are asking law enforcement to ignore a federal deportation program that is expected to be forced on the county later this year. A resolution being pushed by Councilwoman Nancy Navarro, D-Eastern county, “encourages” Montgomery County police to “continue its current policy.”

A California congresswoman Friday called for an investigation into the actions of federal immigration officials, saying they lied about whether counties and states had the right to opt out of a controversial nationwide enforcement program that screens for illegal immigrants in local jails.

Move over, Jersey Shore. The AMC channel has announced that it will be launching a new reality show this fall, Inside DHS, based on the inner workings and daily toils of the Department of Homeland Security. That’s right, the Department of Homeland Security, the same people who are responsible for cancer-scanning your grandmother and getting way too up in your grill, are now getting their own show.

Metro Detroit was front and center Monday in the immigration debate as an Illinois lawmaker brought his national tour to town to highlight deportations and the need for reform. “The system just isn’t working, and we need to change it now,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez said to cheers at the UAW Local 600.

A top official for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement met Friday with local immigration reform activists and community leaders about complaints agents are “racially profiling” residents. Community activist Angela Reyes said ICE Director John Morton promised to do a case-by-case and systemic review of the agency’s enforcement policies.