Cross-posted at Daily Kos: Happy anniversary! One year ago today, January 23, at a GOP presidential debate in Florida, Mitt Romney first announced his support for self-deportation and set the stage for his loss in November.  To jog your memory, here’s how Romney responded to a question from co-moderator Adam Smith of... Continue »
Cross-posted at Huffington Post. After the president’s resounding reelection over his Massachusetts-based challenger, many pointed to the president’s performance among Latino voters as critical. The president had won close to a record percentage of Latino voters for a candidate from his party, a crucial fact in an election featuring... Continue »
Cross-posted at Huffington Post and Daily Kos. After the drubbing Republicans took from Latino voters in the 2012 elections, some of the party’s leaders began to talk openly about the stark choice they face: appeal to a diversifying America, or risk extinction as a national party. This isn’t just a political choice, it’s... Continue »
The Wall Street Journal‘s front-page headline on November 1st read “Election May Hinge on Latino Turnout.” If true, Mitt Romney should start working on his concession speech. With respect to Latino voters, the two key factors to consider are margin and mobilization. Regarding margin, the most recent impreMedia/Latino Decisions tracking poll shows that Obama... Continue »
TO: Ruben Navarrette FROM:  Frank Sharry RE:  Thanks for the shout out Hey Ruben, I read your nationally-syndicated column today.  Thanks for the shout out to America’s Voice and me.  As is always the case, your column is a must-read.  I don’t always agree with you, but especially during... Continue »
Follow Frank Sharry on Twitter: Boston, you have a problem. Your guy, Mitt Romney, is losing badly with Latinos and it could cost him the election. Battleground states such as Nevada, Colorado, Florida and even Virginia are likely to swing Obama’s way if he keeps his current 66 percent –... Continue »
President Obama, next week, you and Mitt Romney will sit down for interviews with Univision’s Jorge Ramos. No doubt, immigration will be a topic during both discussions. We’d like to encourage you to have a better answer than the one you gave to Agencia EFE yesterday, as reported by FOX News Latino:... Continue »
Cross-Posted at California Progress Report Years ago, California tried to take the punitive and xenophobic approach to immigration with Prop 187 — a 1994 ballot initiative whose stated goal was to keep undocumented immigrants from receiving public benefits, but would have essentially turned California into a police state for... Continue »
Cross-Posted at Huffington Post: The June 27th headline in the Wall Street Journaltrumpeted the arrival of a new era in the politics of immigration. “Obama Gains Among Latinos: Poll Finds Strong Support Among Public for Softer Stance on Youth Deportations.” The piece noted: “Americans by a wide margin favor President... Continue »
Cross-Posted at The Huffington Post: Having alienated Latino voters in the primary with hard right immigration positions and dehumanizing anti-immigrant rhetoric, what will GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his surrogates do in the general election to attract the 40% of Latino votes experts say he needs to win the... Continue »