California takes on Trump’s nativism, stands up for public safety and immigrants Washington, DC – In a victory for public safety, for immigrants, and for the values of Californians, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 54, the California Values Act, into law yesterday. This landmark legislation ensures that state and local law enforcement agencies focus on… Continue »

Advocates delivered petitions asking Senators to oppose Trump on immigration.

While we join most observers in recoiling from President Trump’s unhinged speech in Phoenix last night, a range of developments from around the country reminds us that Americans are standing up to his divisive vision for the country and rejecting his dark view of immigration and immigrants. Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner to sign the… Continue »

This is a pretty juicy, never-revealed before anecdote from Dara Lind at Vox today.  Apparently ICE, facing insubordination from localities over Secure Communities and police holds on immigrants, lobbied California’s Gov. Jerry Brown to veto the TRUST Act in 2012.  They tried to talk him into a 90-day “pilot program” for California, but talks eventually fell… Continue »

#TRUSTACT!!!! RT @JerryBrownGov: While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead: — Chris Newman (@newman_chris) October 5, 2013   In response to Governor Jerry Brown signing the California TRUST Act (AB4) into law, NDLON Executive Director Pablo Alvarado released the following statement: “The tide is turning.  California’s historic legislation marks a shift of the pendulum… Continue »

Something is afoot this week when it comes to immigration and California, and the rest of the nation should pay attention. Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law which will allow immigrants in California to legally drive, after decades where the state legislature, the Governor, or both refused to approve such a measure. Also this week, in… Continue »

We’ve written about the immigrant driver’s license bill in California, and our hopes that Governor Jerry Brown will sign it.  There’s also another bill pending that will make drastic improvements to the lives of immigrants–AB 4, also known as the TRUST Act, which will help protect immigrants from deportation when they have not committed any… Continue »

After being vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown in California’s last legislative session, the reintroduced TRUST Act is gaining new life after state attorney general Kamala Harris recently announced that local and state police agencies are no longer obligated to follow the federal program known as Secure Communities.  As conservative columnist Ruben Navarrette wrote this week: Now… Continue »

It was just last weekend that California Governor Jerry Brown disappointed immigrant communities and activists in his state and across the nation by vetoing the TRUST Act, a bill that would have kept immigrants out of federal detention and protected from deportation if they did not have an outstanding criminal record. Now the city of… Continue »

Over the weekend, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the TRUST Act, a bill designed to prioritize the deportations of the worst-of-the-worst criminal immigrants, while protecting immigrant families and communities. In the postmortem fallout, check out this scathing editorial from La Opinión: Governor Jerry Brown’s veto of the TRUST Act means political considerations triumphed over protecting… Continue »

California Governor Jerry Brown had the chance this week to make California the anti-Arizona, a place where immigrants could count on and work with local police to fight crime. Instead, he chose to keep California on a path where tens of thousands of immigrants are deported each year for minor offenses like driving without a… Continue »