Frank Sharry: “It’s a remarkable development that Ted Cruz has scratched and clawed his way to the right of Mitt Romney on immigration policy” Tonight’s Republican presidential debate is likely to include questions on immigration – one of the dominant storylines on the GOP campaign trail.  And just in... Continue »
  Please note the following column was translated from Spanish to English and is available for reprint as long as the author is given proper credit. This column is available online in Spanish here. The Republican Party seems to have a death wish. In the fight for the presidential nomination, the Republican... Continue »
Times are tough for the anti-immigrant groups. Donald Trump has become the leading voice for that crowd with his calls for mass-deportation. So, they’re desperate for attention and relevance. Outside of extreme anti-immigration circles, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), one of the organizations created by white nationalist John... Continue »
After his terrible performance with Latino voters in 2012, Mitt Romney is an expert on how Republicans can mishandle the immigration issue, alienate Latino voters, and destroy the party’s general election chances in the process.  As a result, new comments from Romney criticizing the tone and tenor of the Republican primary season’s focus... Continue »
In March 2013, a defeated RNC — still licking it’s wounds fresh from Mitt Romney’s November 2012 loss — released a 97-page report of what exactly went horribly wrong. Throughout the autopsy report, the six authors — led by the party’s chair, Reince Priebus — called out specific group... Continue »
It’s been a year and a half since the 2012 election, and loser Mitt Romney has been slowly evolving on immigration reform, a key factor in his losing the Latino vote and thus the election. When we heard from Mitt last November, he’d realized that his approach to Latino voters... Continue »
Will Coffman Follow Romney Down the Path to 23 Percent of the Latino Vote in Colorado? As former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney visits Colorado today to endorse and raise money for Rep. Mike Coffman (R, CO-6), the obvious question arises: Will Mike Coffman continue his path following Romney... Continue »
While Acknowledging the Problem is the First Step, GOP Needs to Take Action on Immigration Reform to Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of 2012 Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Mitt Romney’s infamous embrace of “self-deportation,” the immigration policy he first articulated during a Republican primary debate in Tampa.  While... Continue »
Two years ago, we were deeply involved in the battle against Alabama’s HB 56, the harshest immigration law in the country. HB 56 was a self-deportation bill that relied on racial profiling to harass immigrants in the state. But, as Benjy Sarlin notes, today, HB 56 is in shambles: “Illegal... Continue »
Will Speaker Boehner Learn the Lesson or Repeat the Mistakes of the Past? Washington, DC – After his historically low performance with Latino voters in 2012, Mitt Romney is an expert on how Republicans can mishandle the immigration issue and alienate Latino voters. Speaker of the House John Boehner... Continue »