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Mark Krikorian

SPLC Annual Year in Hate Report: Center for Immigration Studies Is A Hate Group

Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center released its annual “Year in Hate and Extremism” report, which found 917 hate groups were operating in the United States in 2016. There are now 14 anti-immigrant groups listed, including, for the first time, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) was also named … Continue reading »

Florida House Dems Walk Out On “Racist” Mark Krikorian

Florida House Democrats didn’t even give Mark Krikorian a chance to spew his xenophobic propaganda to a full house during a meeting on refugees yesterday — they simply walked out. Krikorian is the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an anti-immigrant group founded by noted white nationalist and eugenics enthusiast John Tanton. Among Tanton’s … Continue reading »

Architects of Failed Self-Deportation Policy Trying to Rebrand Their Deportation Strategy

Times are tough for the anti-immigrant groups. Donald Trump has become the leading voice for that crowd with his calls for mass-deportation. So, they’re desperate for attention and relevance. Outside of extreme anti-immigration circles, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), one of the organizations created by white nationalist John Tanton, is probably best known for … Continue reading »

New Interactive Feature: Mark Krikorian in His Own Words, At His Most Extreme

Mark Krikorian, leader of the anti-immigrant “think tank” Center for Immigration Studies, once whitesplained Sonia Sotomayor‘s name and claimed that the reason why Haiti is so screwed up is because it wasn’t “colonized long enough.”  Yet despite this — and despite his ties to white nationalists — Republican members of Congress continue to regularly call CIS staffers to testify … Continue reading »

Mark Krikorian: Obama Only Nominated, Elected Because of His Race

Mark “Haiti’s So Screwed Up Because It Wasn’t Colonized Long Enough” Krikorian has done it again.  In his latest at National Review, the anti-immigrant director of the nativist Center for Immigration Studies argued that Republicans should reject a long-term budget deal in favor of a weapon against executive action.  And fiscal measures will be necessary, he believes, because … Continue reading »

Mastermind of Self-Deportation Mark Krikorian: "No Family is Ever Split By Immigration Law"

So this happened.  (h/t Right Wing Watch) While speaking with VCY America’s Crosstalk yesterday, the Center for Immigration Studies’ Mark Krikorian insisted that: No child is ever taken away from a person who is deported, because children can always go with their parents, which is what they should do. No family is ever split by immigration law. … Continue reading »

Self-Deportation Mastermind Mark Krikorian Admits Failure of Attrition Through Enforcement

The Mastermind of the GOP’s politically catastrophic self-deportation strategy, Mark Krikorian, that leading anti-immigrant voice, posted another screed from his perch at National Review. Times are tough for the Tanton anti-immigrant network. The political tide has turned against them. So, it’s no surprise that Krikorian has reached a new-low, referring to Frank Sharry as “the Professor Moriarty at … Continue reading »

House GOP Leaders Should Ignore Immigration Advice from Sessions, Krikorian And Kristol

This week, House Republicans are scheduled to summit in Cambridge, Maryland, and possibly put out a statement of principles on immigration reform.  Considering that a majority of the country already supports immigration reform with a path to citizenship, the House Republicans are way behind, and taking baby steps — but some in the Tea Party … Continue reading »

Heritage Blowback Has Implications For Krikorian and Other Tanton Associates

We’ve written several times about the growing scandal swirling around the Heritage Foundation, its deeply flawed immigration report and the disturbing views of Jason Richwine, one of the study’s authors. Perhaps most interesting is the potential for the Heritage story to taint other “think tanks” whose “scholars” also hold questionable views on minorities, immigrants, and … Continue reading »

Unplugged: Mark Krikorian Hates the Fact that Everyone Supports Immigration Reform

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the anti-immigrant Center for Immigration Studies and the intellectual author of the GOP’s “self-deportation” policy, again made it clear last week that he’s out to kill immigration reform—and he’s attacking everyone who supports it. Krikorian recently made headlines for encouraging Republicans to give up on immigration reform altogether because Latinos … Continue reading »