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ICYMI: Bloomberg Law: “Case Over Immigrants’ Temporary Status Cites U.S. Citizen Kids”

A Bloomberg Law piece covers the first-of-its-kind lawsuit filed in federal district court in California Monday, which challenges the Department of Homeland Security’s termination of TPS for protected immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan. In a historic move, it’s filed on behalf of the US.. citizen children of TPS holders. Relevant excerpts follow: Like two other lawsuits … Continue reading »

PHOTOS: California Advocates Condemn Trump as He Visits Golden State for First Time as President

Today, Donald Trump made his first-ever visit to California as president, and the response was less than positive. Trump was in town to inspect prototypes for his infamous border wall and to attend a Hollywood fundraiser, and advocates made it clear that he was not welcome in the state that delivered more than 4 million … Continue reading »

ICE Spokesperson Resigns Rather than Lie for Trump, Sessions and Homan

The Administration’s War on California and on Immigrants is Built on Lies The Trump Administration’s war against California and the dueling visions for the country will be on center stage today as President Trump visits the state. Undoubtedly, Trump will utter inanities about a stupid wall. Most likely, he will also attack a state that refuses to … Continue reading »

Trump and Sessions Declare War on California

Key voices are assessing the Trump Administration’s “War on California.” Ahead of tomorrow’s trip by President Trump to California, the below observers capture key issues at stake: A New York Times op-ed by Cardozo School of Law Professor and immigration legal expert Peter Markowitz explains why the legal justifications for the Trump Administration’s lawsuit against California fall short: “The department … Continue reading »

California Leaders to Jeff Sessions and President Trump: We Are Ready

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has filed a lawsuit against the state of California over pro-immigrant laws that protect Californians from the abuses of immigration enforcement officials. This lawsuit is the latest reminder of the Trump Administration’s war on immigrants and its efforts to spread fear and separate families. It is an anti-immigrant attack … Continue reading »

Immigration 101: Why is Jeff Sessions Suing California?

California laws are getting in the way of the Trump Administration’s ongoing war against immigrants This week, the long-simmering battle between the Trump Administration and California over so-called “sanctuary cities” — also called “safe cities” — escalated when the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the Golden State over three different safety-focused laws the … Continue reading »

“Making America Great Again, One Ruined Family at a Time”

More chilling examples of why Trump’s War on Immigrants is an assault on family unity, basic decency and core American values As we have been reporting with disturbing frequency, the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement is out of control. “Unshackled” by President Trump, Jeff Sessions and their GOP Congressional enablers, ICE and CBP have become unaccountable and … Continue reading »

Trump’s War on Immigrants Could Reap a Crop of Ruin on California Agriculture

The Trump administration’s war on immigrants is increasingly a war on California and the state’s embrace of safe and pro-immigrant policies. In the face of the ugly crackdown, Republican members of Congress are remaining silent as the state and one of its key industries – agribusiness – faces an existential threat. Recent articles in the New York Times and … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Los Angeles Times: “L.A. city officials, organizers push back against termination of protected status for thousands of immigrants”

Los Angeles, CA  – A piece in the Los Angeles Times reports on the tremendous pushback in Los Angeles, as Los Angeles city officials and organizers gathered outside City Hall on Wednesday to denounce Trump’s termination of TPS, and to offer strategies to protect impacted immigrants in a time of fear and anxiety for so many Californian TPS holders. At the demonstration, Astrid … Continue reading »

NPR: “California Attorney General Says State Will Stand Firm With Its Immigration Policies”

In a new interview with NPR All Things Considered, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra discusses — clearly and persuasively — the implications of the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice against California’s immigration policies and doubles down on the state’s safety first policies: …We’re simply doing what the 10th Amendment allows every state to … Continue reading »

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