Exit polls from last week’s Super Tuesday GOP primary races in Virginia, North Carolina, and California continue to reinforce the conclusion drawn from results in New Hampshire and South Carolina: a significant portion of the party’s primary base hasn’t been swayed by GOP candidates’ extreme and unworkable deterrence-only approach,... Continue »
Just days after Texas Governor Greg Abbott publicly lamented that the state couldn’t shoot and kill migrants on sight at the southern border, a woman and two children tragically drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande into the state. They lost their lives just off an area of... Continue »
2024 kicked off with two historic wins for hundreds of thousands of immigrant families on opposite coasts of the nation. California has become the first in the country to open state health care insurance to all eligible undocumented adults. In New Jersey, workers and advocates celebrated new law ensuring... Continue »
In a major victory for farmworkers and the labor movement, approximately 250 tomato harvesters in California’s Stanislaus County won unionization, United Farm Workers (UFW) announced. The victory by Di Mare workers is the first under recent state law strengthening farmworkers’ union rights, including how laborers can vote in their... Continue »
As GOP presidential candidates head to California’s Simi Valley for their next debate at the Reagan Library, which will undoubtedly be another endless anti-immigrant tirade, it’s worth reviewing the trajectory that took the Golden State from a Republican bastion to a Democratic stronghold. Attacks on immigrants were a major... Continue »
As We Saw When Migrants Were Flown To Martha’s Vineyard Last Year, DeSantis’ Recruiters Never Had Any Intention of Keeping Their Word Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has defended his indefensible transportation of vulnerable migrants to California by releasing footage showing his victims smiling and dancing. But they appeared to... Continue »
•Más vuelos de migrantes, ordenados por el gobernador de Florida, Ron DeSantis •Texas anuncia una “frontera acuática” para prevenir cruces de migrantes •Trump enfrenta cargos federales por manejo de documentos clasificados America’s Voice · La Semana en Inmigración – 6.9.23   ►Una vez más el gobernador de Florida, Ron... Continue »
Late last week in California, a group of 16 Venezuelan and Colombian migrants were dumped outside the door of a Sacramento church, after they were apparently transported to the state on a private flight after being cajoled with promises of work and other assistance. But those promises turned out... Continue »
Yesterday, in addition to the powerful decision protecting LGBTQ employees, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case challenging California’s so-called sanctuary law by a strong 7-2 margin. The news is a victory for pro-immigrant policymaking and means that California’s landmark California Values Act will keep improving the lives... Continue »
The tale of two governors captures where we are in America as we confront the coronavirus crisis.  From day one, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has been assertive, bold, and successful in saving tens of thousands of lives. Yesterday, he kept at it, announcing a $125 million public-private fund to... Continue »