A profile of a Salvadoran TPS holder underscores need for TPS designations and Dream and Promise Act instead of “patchwork or duct tape approach to immigration”  In a new article for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Brian Lopez profiles Texas-based Salvadoran Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holder Hipolito Zavala.  Like the... Continue »
Advocates delivered petitions asking Senators to oppose Trump on immigration.
Here we go again. Donald Trump heads to the border to spread lies, stoke fear and spew racism. He’ll be flanked by Republican electeds eager to kiss the ring in hopes of winning future primaries. In addition, he’ll be accompanied by former White House and former acting DHS officials... Continue »
Al celebrarse el 245 aniversario de la Declaración de Independencia de Estados Unidos este 4 de julio, el primero desde que Donald J. Trump no es presidente, es buen momento para reflexionar cómo nos ha ido como país, como sociedad. Pero sobre todo hacia dónde vamos y cómo el... Continue »
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Xenophobia may mobilize the hardcore base, but it also mobilizes swing voters and infrequent voters who oppose the GOP’s divisiveness and cruelty Washington, DC – Facing a primary challenge and seeking to tee up a presidential run, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is leaning hard into xenophobia and ugly anti-immigrant... Continue »
Texas Tribune: “Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday afternoon that Texas’ main power grid ‘is better today than it’s ever been’ — even as residents were on their third consecutive day of being asked to reduce electricity use.” $250 Million Could Be Used to Shore Up Failing Electric Grid After... Continue »
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Washington, DC – A must-read column from Paul Waldman of the Washington Post, titled “How Democrats can take control of the immigration debate,” captures the key political dynamics and the legislative way forward for Democrats on immigration. Highlighting new polling conducted by Global Strategy Group, Hart Research, and BSP... Continue »
Update: According to Axios, the White House is considering ending Title 42 by the end of July 31.  What is Title 42? Title 42 is part of U.S. health law, specifically Section 262 of U.S. Code Title 42 which prohibits entry into the United States when the Director for... Continue »
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