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FACT SHEET: Trump, Abbott To Promote $250 Million Border Wall Stunt While Texans Suffer With Shoddy, Underfunded Electric Grid During Heat Wave

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Texas Tribune: “Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday afternoon that Texas’ main power grid ‘is better today than it’s ever been’ — even as residents were on their third consecutive day of being asked to reduce electricity use.”

$250 Million Could Be Used to Shore Up Failing Electric Grid After 2.4 Million Texas Homes Lost Power Two Weeks Ago, Or Give Financial Relief To Texans Who Paid Tens Of Thousands In Utility Bills During February Winter Storm


The Texas electric grid is in crisis. But instead of leaping into action to shore up the outdated and underfunded system, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is holding a series of campaign stunts with Donald Trump and GOP House Members to promote his plan to divert $250 million of taxpayer money to build an ineffective border wall. 

Tomorrow’s media blitz comes two weeks after Texas residents were asked to conserve electricity for the third straight day as power outages plagued 2.4 million homes across the state —  a direct result of the power grid unable to keep up with demand in the extreme summer heat. 

It’s not hard to see why Texas is still having problems. Experts say that the recent so-called reforms that Abbott and the Republican legislature made after the state lost power a few months ago due to extreme weather simply do not go far enough:

Further, Abbott’s decision to use $250 million of taxpayer money for a border wall comes as thousands of Texans were charged tens of thousands of dollars in utility bills after price spikes during February’s winter storm and the Public Utility Commission of Texas chose to let the charges stand.

Here are a few of their stories: 

As Senior Adviser to Julián Castro and People First Future PAC, Sawyer Hackett stated: “Governor Greg Abbott says Texas will spend $250,000,000 on a ‘down payment’ for a state border wall…The state has spent $0 to help Texans pay the $18B surge in utility bills.”