Polling released yesterday by Hart Research Associates on behalf of CAP Action finds overwhelming support for DACA and TPS holders across party lines. The polling is another reminder that Americans’ support for immigrants in the U.S. remains strong and that Trump and Republicans’ efforts to run hard on xenophobia... Continue »
A recording of the call is available here Earlier today, Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) gathered on a press call with DACA and TPS immigrant workers who are fighting the corona virus on the front lines to highlight the urgent need to protect... Continue »
America’s Voice   Sen. Bob Menendez: “It is time to lift the cloud hanging over TPS holders’ futures by providing them with a pathway citizenship.” More Pro-Immigrant Polling: Overwhelming Pro-DACA and Pro-TPS Support Across Party Lines On Call, Senators Schumer, Durbin and Menendez Highlight Role of Immigrants on the... Continue »
HuffPost/YouGov Poll: By 2:1 Margins, Americans Back Citizenship and Think Immigration Net Positive for Country – Findings Mirror Those from Pre-Pandemic November 2019 Polling Nationwide polling from HuffPost/YouGov finds that the American public is – and remains – broadly pro-immigrant. As the Trump campaign and Republicans continue to run... Continue »
La pandemia del Covid-19 y el efecto que ha tenido en el presidente Donald Trump, intensificando su oportunismo político y sus estrafalarios comentarios siempre fuera de lugar, me llevan a preguntarme qué es lo que sigue. Si bien la pandemia que ha cobrado miles de vidas nos cambió la... Continue »
America’s Voice   New Polling Finds Americans Remain Strongly Pro-Immigrant Ocurrencias de Trump infectan más que el coronavirus English Associated Press Trump’s Focus on His Base Complicates Path to Reelection April 27, 2020 Associated Press High Court Declines to Revisit Immigrant Issue During Virus April 24, 2020 Associated Press... Continue »
A recording of the call is available here   Earlier today, experts and activists gathered on a call to discuss pushing the administration to permanently halt the construction of the border wall and shift the funding to save lives during the COVID-19 outbreak. The recent funding for a firm... Continue »
Facing criticism for his failure to respond competently to the COVID-19 crisis and concerned about his declining re-election prospects, President Trump this week returned to his xenophobic comfort zone and issued an attention grabbing immigration proclamation. At a time when immigrants are reminding us of their essential contributions –... Continue »
Demonstrating who calls the shots on the issue of immigration, by introducing an executive order to ban immigration for sixty days, has neither strengthened nor made more benign the image of President Trump, despite the fact that he says he wants to protect the jobs of his countrymen. With... Continue »
America’s Voice   Experts Discuss Trump’s War on Immigrants At the Border Amidst a Pandemic Three Key Points About Trump’s Immigration Proclamation And now, we have to protect ourselves from Trump in the time of the coronavirus English The Hill The Memo: Trump shores up base amid crisis By... Continue »