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More Pro-Immigrant Polling: Overwhelming Pro-DACA and Pro-TPS Support Across Party Lines

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Polling released yesterday by Hart Research Associates on behalf of CAP Action finds overwhelming support for DACA and TPS holders across party lines. The polling is another reminder that Americans’ support for immigrants in the U.S. remains strong and that Trump and Republicans’ efforts to run hard on xenophobia may again backfire with the American public in 2020.

The new Hart/CAP Action poll comes on the heels of polling from HuffPost/YouGov that found that by 2:1 margins, Americans support citizenship for undocumented immigrants and think immigration into the U.S. is a good thing rather than a bad thing for the country. Of note, Americans’ pro-immigrant sentiment on those two questions was largely unchanged despite the pandemic, with the specific findings in the HuffPost/YouGov April 2020 poll largely mirroring those from a November 2019 poll from the same pollsters.

Among the key findings from the new Hart Research/CAP Action poll:

  • By a 70-21% margin overall – including strong majorities of Republicans – Americans support DACA. The overwhelming overall support for DACA includes support from 82% of Democrats, 60% of Independents, and 61% of Republicans.
  • If the Supreme Court rules against DACA, 72% of Americans overall and majorities of both Biden and Trump voters say Trump should temporarily continue DACA until Congress passes a permanent fix. By a 72-28% margin overall – including 85% of Biden voters and 56% of Trump supporters – poll respondents want Trump to temporarily continue DACA until Congress can pass a legislative solution if the Supreme Court finds that the president has the authority to terminate the program. Intensity is on the pro-DACA side, with 40% of respondents feeling strongly in favor of temporarily continuing DACA and just 15% strongly in favor of immediately terminating DACA.
  • By a 65-35% margin, Americans want Congress to immediately pass legislation protecting Dreamers if the Supreme Court rules that Trump ended DACA lawfully. After hearing an equal number of pro and con arguments, voters say by a 65-35% margin that if the Supreme Court rules in Trump’s favor, Congress should immediately pass legislation to permanently protect Dreamers.
  • By a 71-19% margin with majority support across party lines, Americans want to extend current work permits for TPS holders. 71% of respondents overall, including 77% of Democrats, 73% of Independents, and 64% of Republicans, support extending “current work permits for people with TPS (Temporary Protected Status), a program only for immigrants already here who have been allowed to stay and work temporarily in the United States because they come from countries that are severely affected by violent conflict or natural disasters.

According to Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, “During the pandemic, we are seeing daily reminders of how immigrants keep America running and Americans safe. The essential work of those risking their lives to keep our society fed, healthy and moving forward has never been more obvious, including the critical role immigrants play in health care, the food supply, transportation and other vital jobs. Even in the midst of an unprecedented emergency, we’re not seeing an erosion in Americans’ support for immigrants who live and work here and related pro-immigrant measures. In fact, we’re seeing overwhelming support across party lines for policies such as DACA and TPS that provide our immigrant friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers opportunities to more fully participate in the country they call home.”