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Trump Immigration Changes

Trump’s Relentless War On Immigrants And Refugees Escalates

An astounding number of developments in just the last week show how determined Trump and Miller are to close the doors and target immigrants Coronavirus and the stock market plunge dominated the headlines, but it was an extraordinary week for Trump’s war on immigrants and immigration, with new developments practically every day that reshape national … Continue reading »

On Press Call, Advocates Blast Trump’s Decision to Send Tactical Units to Cities that Welcome Immigrants 

On the heels of a bombshell New York Times report that the Trump Administration will be sending military-style tactical units, starting this month, to “safeguard” American cities the Trump administration labels as “sanctuary” cities, a panel of experts and advocates gathered to respond:  Naureen Shah, Senior Advocacy and Policy Counsel of the ACLU, said:  This … Continue reading »

Jared Kushner’s Points-Based “Immigration Reform” is a Ruse

“We don’t need pretend reform that panders to nativist hardliners. We need fundamental reform that keeps families together, creates a line for undocumented immigrants to get into, expands safe and legal channels and puts fairness and due process at the heart of a modernized 21st century system.” National Public Radio is reporting that presidential son-in-law … Continue reading »

Trump’s Authoritarianism, Heartily Endorsed by the GOP, Fully on Display in Retribution Directed at New York

Welcome to Trump’s first move post-acquittal. In a chilling development, the Trump administration is exploiting taxpayer-funded government levers to punish the state of New York for welcoming immigrants.  DHS has suspended the ability of New Yorkers to join Global Entry as retribution for a range of common-sense, pro-immigrant policies enacted by the state. Frank Sharry, … Continue reading »

Vox: Trump’s State of the Union Showcases How He Has Altered Immigration

In a preview piece yesterday in anticipation of Trump’s State of the Union address, Nicole Narea of Vox captures the scope and cruelty that defines the Trump administration’s relentless effort to reshape immigration by executive fiat.  Her piece, entitled Donald Trump didn’t need the wall, breaks down the series of radical moves Trump and his … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry Connects the Dots on the Barrage of Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants and Refugees

“Trump and Stephen Miller are engaged in a relentless and radical effort to keep out and kick out immigrants and refugees on the basis of race, religion, gender, and class” The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, assessing the current moment and larger implications of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling … Continue reading »

Supreme Court Blesses Administration’s Systemic Ban on Working Class Immigrants

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States of America issued a decision lifting the injunction issued by multiple judges on the Trump administration’s “public charge” policy to restrict permanent legal status for immigrants who have used public benefits or those who in the determination of the Trump Administration may someday use public benefits, including … Continue reading »

Experts Discuss Ramifications Following Trump’s Travel Ban Against Women of Child-bearing Age

A recording of the call can be found here Earlier today, policy and legal experts gathered on a press call to discuss the ramifications following Trump’s new rule that could ban women from visiting the U.S. just because they are pregnant or could become pregnant. In another attack on women’s reproductive rights, Trump and his … Continue reading »

Immigration 101: What is “Public Charge” and What Changes is the Trump Administration is Proposing?

Originally published October 17, 2018 The Trump Administration is seeking to dramatically limit the ability of working-class immigrants to enter the U.S. and hamper their ability to remain, by making it easier to bar immigrants from the U.S. if they are likely to need help. The proposed “public charge” change could prohibit immigrants from obtaining … Continue reading »

Advocates Condemn Trump Administration’s Travel Ban Against Women of Child-bearing Age

White House claims women pose national security risk because they are pregnant. Today the Trump administration implemented a new rule that could ban women visitors around the world to the U.S. simply because a consular officer thinks they are pregnant or could become pregnant. Trump’s overreach is just one of many targeted attacks on women … Continue reading »