Leading Voices Condemn Trump Meat Processing Executive Order Are Trump and the Republican Party more concerned about corporate profits than worker safety? Look no further than the dramatic developments in the supply chain that brings meat to American tables. Yesterday, we highlighted how Trump’s new executive order is forcing meat processing workers back to their… Continue »

Facing criticism for his failure to respond competently to the COVID-19 crisis and concerned about his declining re-election prospects, President Trump this week returned to his xenophobic comfort zone and issued an attention grabbing immigration proclamation. At a time when immigrants are reminding us of their essential contributions – including keeping food on Americans’ tables… Continue »

Wealthy Investors Can Still Secure Green Cards; Major Green Card Shift from Those that Keep Families Together to Those for Foreign Employees of U.S. Companies  Yesterday, President Trump issued a proclamation that fundamentally restructured immigration law in place since 1952, at least for the next 60 days or longer if the proclamation is extended, as… Continue »

Leading voices from across the political spectrum are rightfully calling out President Trump’s immigration ban as a transparent and politically motivated attempt to distract attention away from his ongoing mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: “Donald Trump has become the Distractor-in-Chief. He’s more interested in flattening the… Continue »

FAIR's Hold their feet to the fire event is coming up.

This week, instead of providing a solution to the states and cities around the country clamoring for COVID-19 tests, Donald Trump again tried to shift blame for his bungled response to the crisis. This week, instead of providing leadership to a nation that is reeling, Donald Trump tried to distract from his failures by once… Continue »

Donald Trump tweeted last night that he would be “signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration” — his latest obvious ploy to distract Americans form his failure of a response to Covid-19 in the United States. Some 25% of doctors and 70% of farmworkers are immigrants, and we clearly need more, not fewer, of… Continue »

Trump Fails the Test of Leadership in this Moment of Truth: “Where are the tests?” Last night, President Trump tweeted his plans to suspend immigration to this country. Follow up press reports indicate that an executive order will be announced today. The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: The… Continue »

An astounding number of developments in just the last week show how determined Trump and Miller are to close the doors and target immigrants Coronavirus and the stock market plunge dominated the headlines, but it was an extraordinary week for Trump’s war on immigrants and immigration, with new developments practically every day that reshape national… Continue »

On the heels of a bombshell New York Times report that the Trump Administration will be sending military-style tactical units, starting this month, to “safeguard” American cities the Trump administration labels as “sanctuary” cities, a panel of experts and advocates gathered to respond:  Naureen Shah, Senior Advocacy and Policy Counsel of the ACLU, said:  This… Continue »

“We don’t need pretend reform that panders to nativist hardliners. We need fundamental reform that keeps families together, creates a line for undocumented immigrants to get into, expands safe and legal channels and puts fairness and due process at the heart of a modernized 21st century system.” National Public Radio is reporting that presidential son-in-law… Continue »