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Trump Immigration Changes

Another Trump Immigration Failure: Jared’s Immigration Book Report Lands with a Thud

The reviews are in and the reviews are harsh for the Rose Garden unveiling of Jared Kushner’s immigration project (to call it a bill would be doing a disservice to real legislative proposals). According to Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice: It turns out, Jared Kushner did unify folks across the political spectrum on … Continue reading »

Pili Tobar on White House Immigration Proposal: “To say it’s dead on arrival would be generous.”

The following is a quote from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, in advance of today’s White House immigration speech to unveil the Jared Kushner-led immigration proposal: White House Rose Garden legislative unveilings used to be reserved for serious policy proposals, not for political posturing and vanity projects for the first family that are … Continue reading »

“Shock and Awe” Against Immigrant Families: More Boundless Cruelty and More Failed Deterrence-Only Policy

A Washington Post story posted last night, “Before Trump’s purge at DHS, top officials challenged plan for mass family arrests,” highlights that the Trump White House, led by Stephen Miller, is exploring a military style “shock and awe” approach targeted against immigrant families in American cities to dissuade desperate Central American families from seeking refuge … Continue reading »

The HUD Rule “is nothing more than an expansion of the cruel and punitive family separation policy”

The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice,  regarding Stephen Miller and the administration’s new proposed rule to evict 55,000 U.S. citizen and legal resident children from public housing just because they live in a mixed-status household: Trump, Stephen Miller, and Co. are hellbent on resurrecting last summer’s inhumane and … Continue reading »

The Real “Big Fat Con Job” Is Perpetuated From the Oval Office: Trump Anti-Asylum Policies Are Political and Will Only Make Matters Worse

Nick Miroff’s story in the Washington Post, “U.S. asylum screeners to take more confrontational approach as Trump aims to turn more migrants away at the border” drives home the fact that Stephen Miller and fellow Trump administration hardliners are charging ahead with deterrence-only policies that are doomed to make the current humanitarian and refugee crisis … Continue reading »

Trump’s Latest Memo Imposing Fees on Asylum Seekers and Ending Their Work Permits is More of the Same Failed and Inhumane Policy

We Need Common Sense, Effective and Humane Solutions Last night, the President issued a memorandum that purports to be a solution to the increasing number of families seeking asylum at our southern border by imposing fees on asylum seekers, ending work permits for asylum seekers to support themselves while awaiting decisions on their cases, limiting … Continue reading »

“Emma Lazarus didn’t add ‘pay to play’ language in an asterisk or include ‘this offer only valid…’ terms in the fine print.” – America’s Voice on Trump Asylum Restrictions

More Failure On Its Way At The Border The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the new restrictions on asylum seekers proposed by the Trump Administration. New restrictions on asylum encapsulate the vicious cruelty, failed policy, and cynical political motivations that define all things Trump and immigration. … Continue reading »

Trump Using Big Gov’t to Take Away Americans’ Freedom: Law Enforcement Tracking Opponents is Latest Revelation of Trump’s Bankrupt Immigration Strategy

A story today in The Intercept reveals that a security contractor for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) took the time to meticulously catalog a series of protests against the President’s family separation policy and report those protests preemptively to all DHS staffers and law enforcement across the country. The events – 300 community-based rallies … Continue reading »

Poker Face: Trump Shows His Hand For Family Separation 2.0

President Trump is once again paving the way for a new form of family separation. Just days after Acting-DHS Chief Kevin McAleenan insisted that the policy was no longer on the table President Trump insisted on tipping his hand previewing the next step in Family separation 2.0.  On Sunday, he called Fox News and told … Continue reading »