El presidente de la nación más poderosa del mundo, Donald J. Trump, usa la miseria de unos cuantos migrantes, muchos de ellos niños —que el domingo arribaron a la frontera sur, en San Diego, California, con la esperanza de solicitar asilo— para seguir vendiendo su falsa idea de una franja descontrolada y... Continuar »
In a letter delivered to the administration on April 27, 2018, 122 faith-based organizations and 518 faith leaders from across traditions stand united in calling on the Department of Homeland Security to protect nearly 60,000 Honduran Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and their families, including 53,000 U.S. citizen children. The administration... Continuar »
Honduras TPS Decision Deadline: 5/4/20178, 4 days Buzzfeed spotlights the stories of asylum seekers seeking refuge from life-threatening violence and turmoil in countries that were previously granted Temporary Protected Status, including Honduras which is the next country up for TPS renewal; the decision by the Department of Homeland Security is due in just... Continuar »
Honduras TPS Decision Deadline: 5/4/2018, 4 Days Last week, the Trump Administration delivered its decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for approximately 9,000 Nepalis living in the United States despite the country continuing to recover from a 2015 earthquake. This was the fifth decision by this Administration to force... Continuar »
In Juan Escalante’s latest column in HuffPost, he celebrates the latest federal court ruling in favor of DACA recipients, but calls on Trump and his fellow Republican leaders to do what only they can do: enact legislation that provides a permanent solution for Dreamers. Read excerpts from Juan’s column... Continuar »
Cleveland, OH — Following years of tradition, labor unions, immigrant rights groups, and allies will gather across the country to celebrate May Day or International Workers’ Day on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. Below is a round-up of May Day events taking place in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Kent, Ohio. Cincinnati... Continuar »
Last Friday, the Los Angeles Times published a deeply disturbing investigative piece detailing how U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has detained nearly 1,500 American citizens since 2012. The length of time these citizens were kept in ICE custody ranges from one day to more than three years. The story, from... Continuar »
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America’s Voice ICYMI: Buzzfeed Profiles Asylum Seekers Fleeing Horrible Conditions of Countries Previously Granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS), Including Honduras Decision To Deport 57,000 Hondurans Looms As 9,000 Nepali Immigrants Reel From Having Their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Revoked ICYMI: “Trump Claims He Wants To Help Dreamers. Time To... Continuar »

29 de abril de 2018

About Us: DHS Watch

Good governance.  Transparency. Accountability. DHS Watch was created in 2018 to uphold an immigration system that is competently administered, accountable, and adheres to long-held American values on immigration.  DHS Watch shines a light on policies and administration that fail to adhere to basic principles of good governance. DHS Watch... Continuar »
Adhikaar, Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.(CLINIC), and America’s Voice Condemn Decision to Terminate TPS for Nepalis Advocacy groups are speaking out against the Trump Administration’s announcement yesterday that it will terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nepali holders. Legal and policy experts agree that Nepal is not ready to integrate... Continuar »