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ICYMI: Buzzfeed Profiles Asylum Seekers Fleeing Horrible Conditions of Countries Previously Granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS), Including Honduras

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Honduras TPS Decision Deadline: 5/4/20178, 4 days

Buzzfeed spotlights the stories of asylum seekers seeking refuge from life-threatening violence and turmoil in countries that were previously granted Temporary Protected Status, including Honduras which is the next country up for TPS renewal; the decision by the Department of Homeland Security is due in just four days on May 4th. The piece also includes testimonies from Salvadorans, who learned their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would be terminated last January of this year.

Below is a sampling of spotlighted stories. Read the complete list HERE.

Edwin, 32, Honduras

“In Honduras, I was a truck driver. You need to get different licenses if you want to move up but the government puts so many barriers. At one point, someone told me I had to pay them 10,000 lempiras for the license I wanted. That’s extortion. If I wanted to legally drive a truck I couldn’t afford it. I decided I’d try to make something of myself in the United States. I have family in Texas and North Carolina. One day I hope to buy my own truck to drive and help support my three kids as well as my elderly dad.”

Yuri, 13, Honduras

“We came because an uncle took advantage of my sister, and he said the same thing he did to her he would do to me. I want to study and once I’m done with school, help my family. I’d like to work in a bank. I also like to play soccer. I usually play goalie or defense.”

Claudia, 18, El Salvador

“I was threatened by gangs after refusing to sell drugs for them. They threatened my stepdad and then they killed him. I left on Aug. 8 by myself.”

Read the complete list HERE.